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Rachel Amber did not create the storm. It was her mother: Sera.

Gamingtodaynews1f - Rachel Amber did not create the storm. It was her mother: Sera.

For the purpose of this theory, I will ignore or overlook the events happening in Life is Strange 2(when you sacrifice Chloe) and shows no tornado.

Why? Let me tell you.

  1. Because Life is Strange 2 seems to me(the one where there is no tornado) to take place in an alternate timeline/universe/whatever that is not canon to Life is Strange 1 overall universe. I know, technically that this game has you make choices, etc But A BIG PART OF ME actually believes that the ending where Max sacrifices Arcadia Bay is the one accurate to the lore of Life is Strange 1 events and characters.

And why is that? Well, for one thing because Max Caufield had her vision with the storm before SHE EVEN GOT HER TIME MANIPULATION POWERS.

So where did the vision come? Well, I think this is already obvious. They were from Rachel, more specifically her doe(spiritual animal) She was warning them about the storm that her mom created to destroy Arcadia Bay because she lost her daughter. And that they should find shelter at the lighthouse.

"But wait, in the Sacrifice Chloe ending the storm stops!"

Well, does it now?

Actually, no. If you watch the ending where you sacrifice Chloe, the storm is still bound to happen because it's still snowing. Therefore the tornado was only adverted a bit because Rachel's mom sensed some relief; but she still wanted revenge on the town for taking her daughter.

mswU9xO - Rachel Amber did not create the storm. It was her mother: Sera.

Ok. Let me explain to you.

  1. When Chloe is in the woods with Rachel and she gets pissed off, we see that her scream(via white dynamic stripes) enhances the wind's power that burns slowly the entire forest. Now, I won't deny that Rachel has powers(after all, we already played with a character who can bend time and space, no?) But the thing is that she is not responsible for the tornado, it was her mother,

In the episode where the woods are already burned(ending of episode 1), we can see Rachel's mom smoking weed and looking at the whole place getting burned, and then she smiles. Which suggests she is happy that Rachel finally found out about her powers in a way…

jSIfZkf - Rachel Amber did not create the storm. It was her mother: Sera.
  1. Ok, I know there is a commentary from a developer that Rachel has no powers. But frankly it doesn't even matter if he was just lying to not destroy the mystery or if he was actually genuine. Because it doesn't matter when it comes to this theory.

Another thing, this prequel is called "Before the Storm"!

Hell, in the "Before Storm" prequel after the fire burns the entire forest, there seems to be snow falling on Arcadia Bay, and that was before Rachel's murder and Max getting her powers. But it could be possible that the little incident Rachel 'created'(if she did) altered the climate a bit.

mI2CRP8 - Rachel Amber did not create the storm. It was her mother: Sera.
  1. I know that "Before the Storm" is created by another developer. But it seems clear to me that they established the cause of the storm having something to do with Rachel.

Therefore, I like to believe that the timeline/reality of Life is Strange 2 where there is no tornado is also a universe where Max had no rewind powers, Chloe was never friends with Rachel, and that Rachel never died drugged.

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