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[Random Thought] Games are not ready to be reviewed like “big boys” (movies, books, etcetera.)

Gamingtodaynews1b - [Random Thought] Games are not ready to be reviewed like "big boys" (movies, books, etcetera.)

I was reading a lot of reviews of the last two months in gaming and predictions about CP2077 while watching redlettermedia when it struck me, most games wouldn't go futher than a 6 if they were judged by the same aspects and criteria that a lot of devs so much desire to be compared to, and the last 3 – 5 years of the industry would have been a sea of red.

While Movies and books have a set direction and every scene/action/art direction lead to something and then by the middle of it, each part of this media has grown enough that they will carry the rest and do things that will be natural to then (in case of the good ones). Games don't have this due to the Player input, where we will lead things, and this is the major problem, most game devs dont let the major input play out, they set us on a road and want us to move along, like a themed park ride, not only that most games nowadays feels like going through the motion, go there do that and move the ride along. Examples: AC Odyssey opening doesnt lead to nowhere, the Leonidas battle will have a payoff only hours later down the road, the pacing of going through the battles to a intro of 2 "real life" chars and back to animus to another intro its just bad screenplay and shows no direction of where you want to go with the game and where is the player input, why were we shown all this, it doesnt set anything up and we the "player" will have no input on this.

Another major point is how reviews to games are made, while you have guidelines to a movie, book review (arcs/payoff/acting/etc.) gaming has no such thing and it leads to the mess reviews we had for a while, reviewers will not be serious about the game, alot of ex-reviewers said that they dont judge games like if they are trully 10/10 or 3/10, but if the game has done something right, or it reached near the perfection of what it could be. This is BS games should be reviewed with a lot of scrutinize if they desire to be compared to movies or "art", and a lot of reviews dont consider the major input of the games, the player, is the game responding to what the player does? The actions of the player lead to something? While they dont ask this, they do say a lot about games that amount to nothing that it isn't relative. Example: A lot of games talk about combat, recent example is Foregone where there are reviews that give a point to some weapons, like the gunchuk, i mean what? Okay there is a nice weapon but what about it, does it lead to some different gameplay, does it change the game much or is it just there?


Past legendary games had much more player input/direction/ and commitment than a lot of modern games and it shows, games that have that nowadays are much more above and would do well in a "big boy" review. BoTW, Hades, Slay The Spire, Darkest Dungeon, Rim World, Pathfinder are some examples that i put hours and they pass all those criterias, they have a clear direction of what the game is and where they will go (Hades story envolves all the gameplay, and every part of it leads constantly to your goal, every "scene" leads to another and so on.), player input is a major player player on those games, the devs made the game for the player to lead and tell the tale. (BoTW has a huge amount of options and exploration that are a result of the player curiosity, you want to go up against a boss 20 lvl's ahead? Sure but can you do it? does it have a weakness? The player is the major player in BoTW, from setting a grass on fire, to using that fire to hurt a enemy weak to fire or revealing a underground passage.)

TL;DR / In conclusion: Games are not focusing on what could make them really stand out and most of the time they don't have a clear goal or direction, making their reviews and views of the gaming world hard to grasp and judge, after all, all can be "just your opinion", instead of more clear critereas.

But do tell me, what do you guys think, are reviews in the gaming industry good, bad, dont care and are games that involve the player and have a clear direction and commitment coming back or they are and will be always diamonds in this vast gaming desert?

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