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Rant: BDO for the Shallow not the Casual

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So since the ads and the concerning praise for this PC cash shop won't stop let me recall what turned me away from this mobile trash. I mean, PC "game".

#0 In no particular order…

#1 Community praise… for graphics – Right, so this is the one thing where the praise is justified. Except it seems to fry people's brain because I heard someone say about the mobile version that it was SO pretty he wouldn't mind watching the game, play itself. A gross insult to how a game is meant to be experienced. This level of fawning wasn't absent in public chat on PC either. The critic in me doesn't like hearing people drool over something that seems to legit stupidify them. Very similar to the effect gorgeous people have on men and women alike. An annoyance I could've ignored in the long run but I didn't get that far in finding redeeming qualities to the game beyond how it looks.

#2 Character Customization and The Misleading Praise; Most MMOs have such basic character customization the bar is set pretty low. So low in fact, BDO put a pretty face in front of players and now they think playing with it is the best thing ever. Not that I disapprove here…

In BDO you do have a lot of customization options but those options are limited to specific character models/gender for each class as a template. Thus the depth of customization people talk about is more limiting than you'd expect. If you want a certain look no matter how much you twist and scroll through those options you won't get what you're looking for unless you picked the right class. Gender locked classes took a back seat on my list of pet peeves because of this. They found a new way to limit your options for a unique character while giving you a whole new set of options, half of which aren't as appealing as choosing the race you want. Cheekbone customization vs pointy ears or not, I'll take the ears.

#3 The Bad Combat System, and So Are You. This is where my dislike manifests the strongest with no one to scold. To clarify I'll be strictly talking PvE here since I was so off-put by the idea of grinding out dull PvE just to PvP.

As "good" as I keep hearing it is you'd think there would be more emphasis on not one-shotting mobs for 60 levels straight. In all that time the only way to get a feel for my class was to pretend I was fighting something. The mobs and mini-bosses are as helpless as the trees you'll cut down… Oh right, the game is so anti-antagonist you gather, not chop. You're just fighting against your patience in a game that yet again has you doing a long-ass tutorial. The "combat" system is 99% flashy attacks and 1% running through everything in sight. You may as well play an ARPG, at least there's actually loot worth picking up in those.

#4 PvP That I Didn't Get To… So I missed out, poor me. I sure don't mind the idea but upon learning how I'd need to prepare for PvP and any option to engage in it being so unappealing I never got around to it. I regret nothing because with everything else that is off-putting about the game I wasn't going to stick with the game even if THIS was the actual good combat people keep (possibly) lying about.


#5 Gathering/Crafting – I didn't do much with this since most games do such a piss-poor job at making it fun or even useful I tend to just tolerate it. In BDO I did not like what I was seeing anyway… Fishing can be fun, just ask Jak (& Daxter. Where fishing is a legit mini-game.) but in an MMO they seem to love making you do NPC's chores on top of yours.

#6 Housing in a game where there's no fast travel almost makes sense, except for the part where you're supposed to keep moving on. This was another feature I didn't explore too much, it is possibly one of the most redeeming factors to the game though. Yet it still doesn't make sense to me but from what I remember it functioned in a way that suited the pace of your progress and traveling well enough that it warrants immersion breaking.

#7 Quests: The voice acting was so cringing and the dialog did not make up for it. I could give the narrative a pass but this really affected my experience and pace with the game because of how dull everything else was. However, I refrain from criticism on the story as I stopped reading dialog and stopped doing quests entirely. The fact you can skip them is a nice perk.

#8 Looting the Cash Shop – Welp like many that dislike the game I'm no fan of pay to win or pay to progress or pay-not-to-deal-with-such-tediousness. Another problem is the incredible lack of cosmetic loot. Besides, don't get me started on the pointless weight system when combined with an inventory expander or vise versa.

#9 The Grind – Just because I KNOW people will lay claim I don't like a grind when I adore a good grind. The problem with BDO is "you can do anything you want" and yet nothing is worth doing for goal or fun, trade for cash? Nah, the hand-out daily gives far more. Not to mention the waiting-game it entails. Gathering/Crafting? It's a tedious process and unfun, especially in a game where you don't feel the NEED for any of it. Housing, maybe. Combat? If you think yes, you need to play a real game with mechanics. You know, the things enemy NPCs do to make you dance, dodge, and jump like their puppet.

#10 Overall I like the potential of a game like this a lot. Playing more like an adventurer than a chosen one with an emphasis on making your own choices instead of following a linear progression fending off world-ending bosses coming with every expansion, but the execution on almost every aspect is so bad it's like watching Avatar. You remember that oh-so-pretty-knock-your-socks-off movie with a very mediocre story but it was so pretty everyone had to see it? That's BDO for me. One day I hope a company that cares more about how a game plays than ripping people off makes a proper Sandbox.

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