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RE: Scott Petty’s “post-mortem”, from someone on the Chivalry launch team

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Buckley (Sir_Loin) made a response in the polycount thread that has gained attention in the past couple of days

Along with Buckleys post I wanted to address the work that he claims he did on Chivalry.

His posts and portfolio take credit for the maps in their final state substantially misrepresenting his contribution to them, this primarily is the work of me (Rasmus Lofstrom), Tyler Brenot and Patrick Link. The archived version of his portfolio and old screenshots clearly show what it looked like when he left and it doesn't take an expert to see just how drastic the difference is. Why he thinks he can take credit for this work is beyond me.

This is what battlegrounds looked like when he left it:,
And this is the version we shipped:

The "Siege" level on his portfolio and several other props also has TBS branding on it, but weren't made for Chivalry and he wasn't on the team when they were created, it's something he did after leaving the company yet he claims it as a work that was done for the company.

And this is an archived version of HIS portfolio showing Stoneshill, this is what it looked like when he left the map yet on his current portfolio he takes credit for the final version of it, the version me and Tyler delivered.


Archived – what he actually did:
Current – What he claims he did (Archive links so he cannot change it):

This is what he says he did for Stoneshill "Level Blockout, Lighting, Architecture, and textures done by myself. Some props/textures/level design made by Torn Banner"

The amount of work that he is taking credit for here that he did not do is absurd, me and Tyler worked incredibly hard and long on this project and his contribution to Stoneshill is minuscule in comparison. Ben Wilson who worked on it before us also did a lot of the work in these screenshots here and a lot more of his work made it to the end than Scott. We have the work files, version control logs and the people who actually did the work still around to this day to completely refute his claims.

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I joined along with Tyler Brenot after Scott quit to take over the environment art work, this was at least 16 months before launch and him claiming he left a year before launch isn't true either. The level design and the level art changed an enormous amount in that time and his influence is not nearly as significant as he claims. Seeing him try to take credit for our work and the rest of the teams work is shameful. This is not to say he doesn't have work in the game though, the amount however is grossly exaggerated.

In regards to working for royalty, working out of passion, without pay. We all did. We all signed up for it. No one was paid, including Steve. We knew what we were in for and no one was taken advantage of or disillusioned. I would be upset if I had wasted an opportunity like it as well but that is not grounds to spread false rumors like this and it's entirely on him how it all went down.

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