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Really hoped for more Motorstorm

Gamingtodaynews1f - Really hoped for more Motorstorm

Really wish Sony kept Evolution and Greenlight a Motorstorm for PS5 (or re-released them on PS4)

Still think Sony shot themselves in the foot for letting Evolution go – Polypony Digital had the SIM driving nailed down at GT Sport has only got better since launch but now they don’t have any Arcade racers in their software line up to rival Forza Horizon 4 can’t see one of their 1st party studios doing a racing game. They should have kept Evolution to churn out those Arcade racers.

Original Motorstorm was my first game along with Resistance that I owned on my PS3 so it has a special place in my collection. It may have lacked split screen but online and single player was great. Such a fantastic launch title and at the time I was amazed by the graphics, the chaos, control and the mud.

Then Pacific Rift came out and it seemed better in every way, it was easily one of the best Arcade racing games in recent memory I played that and its DLC to death and still from time to time plug my PS3 in to have a couple of races. I loved the Chaos and the track design was spectacular. The game is that good I still plug my PS3 in and play it every 4-5 months.

Apocalypse was good as well, but I always preferred the first two it just didn’t scratch that same itch that the original or Pacific Rift had due to the lack of colours, vegetation, lava, mud and water. It didn’t control the same either. Was great driving through cities while buildings crumbled round you and earthquakes went off and twisters on the dock. Did always like the Golden gate bridge track.

Arctic Edge was one of my favourite PSP games as well – I know Evolution didn’t make it, but it was still good

Driveclub to me is a great game and PS4 did need a driving game like it at the time but Gran Turismo will always be the bigger seller I would have preferred a Motorstorm – It just got better overtime and I still pop it in from time to time. Sure, it was sloppy at launch but that to me feels like it was just because they seemed to run out of time and needed it on the shelves. After the up-dates it only went from strength to strength.

I hope to God Sony greenlight another one for PS5 or quickly port them over to PS4 because it's a game series that the current line-up that Sony are missing.

They have the best Story telling games, they have games like Spiderman and Days Gone for open world, they have a Sim Racing and Driveclub, they have shooters, they have Ratchet and Platformers and have future Racer in Wipeout Omega collection etc. But they are missing an Arcade Racer which Motorstorm can fill.

Think about this for a minute, could you just imagine a “Motorstorm: Continental Drift” with PS5 graphics. Racing on 6 Continents.

· Tracks in the Desert, Flats, Canyons and Mud of Monument Valley (North America)

· Tracks on Lush tropical Islands with Jungles, Beaches, Rock Cliffs, Volcanos and Waterfalls just like Pacific Rift (Oceania/Pacific)

· Tracks in Open Grass Fields, Countryside, Cave, Tunnel and Train Track Networks, Hills, Lakes, Farmlands, Woodlands and Snaking Tarmac of Yorkshire Dales/Moors, Derbyshire Peak District and Lake District in the UK (Europe – Rural Areas and Farmland)

· Tracks in the Savannahs and Safari of Ethiopia and Kenya (Africa – Open Plains)

· Tracks around The Peaks and Snow of Himalayas, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and West China (Asia)

· And finally the Incan Ruins, Amazon Jungles and Mountains of Peru (SA)

I feel Motorstorm was best when it was tracks built with nature in mind, could add like 2-3 city tracks near an Town or Small rural town in the Peak District or something but mix nature and buildings or half Concrete leading into farm lands and open fields then circling back round. Sugar Rush track comes to mind for example was a nightmare but was such a riot to play on mixing the Sugar fields and abandoned factory. Pacific Rift will always take top spot for me. Heck you could even add an Open World like Forza Horizon with 6 different Medium sized maps with NPCs and Online Human characters in a lobby driving round so it feels like a large festival is taking place that separates the different race tracks to drive round and select events. But keep the race tracks sectioned off to keep them as race tracks not point to point – You could just add single events into that.

Bikes, ATV, Buggy, Rally Cars, Racing Trucks, Mud Pluggers, Big Rigs and Monster Trucks return. Snow Mobile added back in for the Snow Levels and 1 NEW vehicle class that MUST be added and 2 maybes


Must have Class

· HOVERCRAFT – All Terrain Hovercraft are introduced and probably the LAST off-road vehicle class Motorstorm was missing – Unparalleled when it comes to the water and Ice – Doesn’t get slowed down one bit and instead has better control in the water but tackles mud and all terrain with ease as well. Doesn't lose traction no matter what surface it is driving over even Ice. So water, land, sand, mud, ice, snow, up beach etc the Hovercraft doesn't care what the Terrain is.

It has one glaring main Weakness which is it's bad Cornering Potential at top speeds because they are not agile. But they can Tackle Every Terrain with ease.


· 4×4 – (Range Rover / Jeep look alike) to bridge the gap between the Rally Cars / Buggy and Racing Truck and is another all-rounder like the racing truck. Good on and off road. But Mud Pluggers and Racing Trucks can bash them out of the way and handle way better in mud but 4×4 hold their own in mud but they handle better when on standard dirt track terrains than the Racing Truck and Mud Plugger would

· MUSCLE CAR – Which excels at tops speeds in a straight line even more than the Rally Car, but even though modified it is absolutely shocking at turning and handling and needs to avoid mud and deep snows as much as possible as it can’t drift as well as the Rally Car or buggy as it’s more prone to spinning out with terrible traction. (Think Dukes of hazard or Starsky and Hutch etc The Dodge Charger was a Muscle Car and so was the Gran Torino not exactly used for off-road but they were in the TV Series and did various jumps and stunts)

You could even add some new race modes for single player events and splitscreen etc:

So have standard Race, Elimination and Speed Events but also could add the following.

TokenStorm – A token race quite like CTR and Diddy Kong racing there are 20 Motorstorm Helmet tokens hidden and you must at least collect 10 of them and place minimum third for 1 star, win for 2 stars or collect 15 and win for 3 stars.

ZoneStorm – A single player time race to do 1-3 laps on a track. Go through different zones and rings to stop the clock for a certain time. Get a good time to get up to 3 stars.

TeamStorm – Group up into teams of 4 and try to place as high as possible with your entire team. So, all pick different classes, Bike or Rally to try and get 1st while your big Rig hangs back and crashing into people.

BattleStorm – A 3 lap race with 16 players – Every lap when the players above the guys in the last 5 go over the line the last 5 people who are the back of the pack will keep boosting and then will blow up and they are out of the race and after 3 laps only 1 person will be left driving – 16>11>6>1.

StuntStorm –Race around the lap for points for around 4 minutes – You get few points for every lap completed, you get a few for every 30 seconds you lead the pack, Big Air, Drifting, Boosting to achieve top Speed and steal/siphon point when you take Someone out grants more than laps and being in first would – You lose points for every time you personally Crash or get points siphoned when you get taken out and you get less points when you hang too far back from the rest of the pack and top half to deter people from redoing the same jump over and over again. The person with the most points wins the race.

BoostStorm – You don’t have a normal boost Gauge – You obtain boost from collecting different coloured boost cans floating on the track trickier to obtain cans will yield more boost, getting Big air also grants some boost and causing other drivers to crash and you steadily gain boost being in the bottom half behind the top half of the pack.

MotorStorm – World Event Races – A big Point to Point event race on the open World Maps. Use any vehicle and Go any Route you want to try and get to the point designated on the world map as fast as possible.

Motorstorm was just so unique and chaotic and nothing is like it and I can’t find anything that will, It was my favourite arcade racer.

Or you know – Codemasters get the guys that made Onrush to make a proper spiritual successor. They are the Racing/Car Game Developers after all.

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