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Red Dead Redemption 2 has a mediocre open world.

Gamingtodaynews1e - Red Dead Redemption 2 has a mediocre open world.

I saw so much praise for masterful open world's of Rockstar compared to Cyberpunk, now I could not give a rats ass about Cyberpunk, but damn did Rockstar gets some unfair praise.

RDR2 is their latest entry, their magnum opus, and yet its so boring and empty, and nothing really "happens" in it.

RDR2 has these gray circle scripted events that happen from time to time, but that is not the normal open world just living, it feels always so forced, and sometimes even annoying(you might be busy with something, but the game forces a scripted event on you, and you have to deal with it, in case it never repeats again). Oh and that too, gray circles are not infinite, and you can exhaust them, by the time you reach the Epilogue, you can just ride and ride and ride and NOTHING will happen.

This is what never happens in the open world, that I have seen in older games even in jank like Stalker. You never see gangs fighting each other, gangs and the law fighting each other(without the forced scripted event). Predators and NPCs almost never interact, but when they do there is another problem. The fucking inconsistent horse mechanics.


So the player's horse has various stats, strengths and weaknesses, one of them being "bravery", that means how likely is the horse to throw you away in face of danger, that danger most often being a predator. Well you see, that NEVER happens to NPCs, their horses will keep them on ALWAYS, other stats of their horses also don't really matter like speed and acceleration, sometimes it is consistent sometimes its just not with the stats of horse breeds. Oh and curiously, normal NPCs 99% of the time just ride the shitiest horses, they player is the only person in free roam mode that has a horse breed that is not shit, there are very few exceptions, but they are not worth the mention.

Herbivore animals cannot actually attack you or hurt you, except a slight knockdown. Yeah that's right, one wolf is more dangerous to you than a Bull Moose or Bull Bison or a Wild Boar, which is just unbelievable, it is unbelievable to me that someone during the development just decided "herbivores safe" and it remained like that.

There are other things like bounty hunters that are supposed to chase you, but just disappear once you break a little ground on them, lawmen always having an anti-player bias and will try to destroy you for smallest infractions unless you immediately surrender.

But once again, I cannot stress this enough, nothing is going on organically in RDR2, it is really dull to just go around once you exhaust a lot of scripted events, you will rarely witness sometimes engaging happening.

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