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Red dead redemption 2 is not a fun game.

Gamingtodaynews1g - Red dead redemption 2 is not a fun game.

Red dead redemption 2 is not a fun game. I have tried 2 times already to get into this game but I really can't. This is one of the most tedious games I have ever played. The story is ok(never finished the game but I know what happens throught and I also know how it ends). The graphics are fantastic,but in the gameplay department I feel like I am doing math homework or chores. It is a slog. Let me start by ellaborating my point: FIrst of all,the movement is horrible. I know that you can't change the control scheme but being predetermined to run with x/a buttons on consoles is a bad design. How am I supposed to rotate the camera while running? Second,it feels like I am controliing a gelatinous mass. It feels extremely clunky. Riding the horse is also bad,since even if I hit a small branch I can fall off. Make it at least like in witcher 3(which had problems,but you couldn't fall from the horse just by hitting a small tree) or breath of the wild. Let's go to the shooting now. It feels strange,disabling the auto aim is a better option but not on ps4/xbox one,where I am limited to 30fps, unlike the pc where it's easier to shoot with a mouse,albeit having 60 fps. The auto aim most of the times targets the npc's that I don't want to focus first. I want to shoot the guy in front of me,but I am shooting the guy right to me,with auto aim. Also first person shooting without auto aim on consoles is horrendous,just like in gta 5. Now, i want to share my reasons why the game is boring:

-it drags too much,it isn't fun to jump on my horse and ride a couple miles just tp start a mission. The npc's are too far away from you most of the time. In older gta games I didn't find this problem(yes I know the maps where smaller,but I didn't had to ride minutes before starting a mission)

-the map is too empty,it might look good,but you don't have that sense of discovery compared to games like witcher 3 or breath of the wild. I like that I can climb the highest mountain in rdr2, but why should I do it,aside from just watching the view? Nothing awaits me there


-the game tends to abuse your time with it's gameplay mechanics. Probably the developers added them so you can put more hours in the game,which is lame. I don't like to watch my character pickpocket dead npc's for minutes,or skin animals,without having a way to speed things up. Yes,it might look nice the first time you skin a bear,but it becomes tedious watching those animations. The horse being required to be close too you,to hear your whistle is again a terrible mechanic.Let me at least disable this option,it's a drag when my horse can't hear me and I have to run minutes to get back to it. Just like in breath of the wild,this mechanic is atrocious. But in breath of the wild I still have other means of travel if my horse can't hear me,which I can say the same about red dead redemption 2.

The fast travel is bad,why exactly can't I travel directly to a selected point,instead of making a camp and then fast travelling? Horse food again,is not neccesary,having only a couple of weapons on me while the rest are on the horse and having me to get back to the horse to change the weapons is again,not necessarily.

People praise this game as being one of the greatest of all time. When you start to analyze and look deeper,you start by wondering, why exactly there is so much praise? The details make it unique,but let's be honest,having the horses shrink their testicles,isn't something I care about. Put me a blank page in front of me and ask me to write insignificant details,and I would fill that page. In my opinion,red dead redemption 2 is far more inferior against red dead redemption 1. I want to play a video game,not watch an interactive tv show. When gta 6 will come out,and if it would have something like, let' say you need to put gas in the car or sleep at night, many people would praise it's realism saying that it's the best game of all time. I couldn't defend then that game as I can't defend red dead redemption 2 now.

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