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Remastering Silkroad Online in a new Engine

Gamingtodaynews1b - Remastering Silkroad Online in a new Engine

Projekt „Silkroad“

Hey kids,

some of you might member the game “Silkroad Online” (I member). Well from todays point of view this game is purely crap and the Devs/Joymax made this game unplayable to an endless level since third-party programs like bots and cheaters/hackers populated the game back in the days (or maybe still are?) and the monetization was completely garbage.

For those who want to get a sneak peak of an old cinematic (btw joymax has no youtube channel so thats the best source I could find)

Bad things about Silkroad Online:

  • Pay 2 Win AF. Even EA can’t compete with this level of Pay2Win
  • Clunky controls (but hey, this game is from 2003)
  • Grindy as fu*k, where we come back to the Pay 2 Win aspect.
  • At first sight a typical Asian “F2P” MMORPG (but wait there is more…)
  • Back in the days the servers where crowded AF and u only could join them by paying a Premium Ticket

Like the high amount of bad things, this game had also some really rare and unique positive aspects that left me some really good and nostalgic memories.

  • A Merchant System where u transport goods from town to town and can get robbed by real thieve players on the way to the town or simply get killed by monsters and lose your goods. For that u could hire one or more guards who protected you on the way.
  • For that time a timeless environment of beautiful Asian/Chinese places with Chinese mythic/ history.
  • Later they added European Classes
  • A history-based setting paired with mythic god’s monsters and stuff.

I have been always wondering: “Why Joymax never did a Sequel or just more or less Silkroad 2.0” and remastered/polished their game (cuz god damn this game was clunky and bad programmed). But then if I watch at the Offical Website of Joymax nothing surprises me there either it is like this company got frozen in time and never moved further.

Long story short. I have been fantasizing about a brand new game which would take the World of Silkroad Online and their unique arts, mythics and some gameplay elements into a new game in a new engine like UnrealEngine polished with new graphics, movement, payment system(only optical stuff, no lootboxes, no gambling) and so on.


  • Setting of „Project Silkroad“ would be the historic Silkroad between. 115 a. Chr and 13th century p.Chr with mythic, magic, gods. Joymax’s Silkroad Online MMORPG is a fundament that this game is build on but is not just a copy cat.
  • There a streets that lead trough historic Silkroad citys from Asia to Europe with many dangerous monsters, thieves and so on.
  • A HUUUGE world with meaningful historic content paired with mythic/magic
  • Antique und mythic Armor, Cloth and Weapons
  • Variations oft he world: romantic, idyllic, from friendly up to gloom and numb with a lot of monster with different faunas and floras
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There are supposed to be 3 diffrent "classes" or more like fractions.

Splitted in the following Areas

  1. Europe, classic antique
  • Two-hand-/One-hand/Sword Warrior or with Shield/Axes Fighter (Soldier, Rebell, Wild Fighter) depends on the weapon, whether he is agile or not.
  • Daggers and small sharp weapons /fist weapons (Brawler, Rouge-Like) with poison, treacherous, cunning .
  • Crossbow Fighter (Two-hand Crossbow or two small ones)(Soldier, Hunter or/and nature, magic mechanic steampunk)
  • Wizard with a big two-handed staff or magic wand and relic or shield in second hand. Dark magic, curses and elemental spells (fire, water/ice, earth, lightning, light.)
  • bard/lute or different music instruments that does sound damage or buffs with harmonic music
  • Cleric with a "Holy Book" a la bible getting power from god spells and prays also soulstealer or exorcism.
  1. Asian/China
  • Weapons: Sword/Shield but in chinese style. For example: Qiang Spear, Da Dao halberd , Long pikes. All Variations of a warrior are possible here.
  • Archer (with asian-style bows)
  • Monk ( dull weapons like chains, Batons , Nunchakus
  • Asians are not bound to a class, instead they choose a weapon and support this weapon with asian martial arts Kung-Fu, Karate, Thai Chi, diffrent fight stances Cobra, Tiger and so on. a la Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan and those they can imbue with elemental power a la Airbander, (fire, water/ice, earth, lightning, light.)
  • Dragonshaper: This guy can be a druid-like chinese-dragon he is not able to use martial arts but he can choose two elements for example.
  1. Arabic world
  • Warrior : big ass Two-handed saber or normal saber with shield
  • Assassins : a la rouge with small sharp weapons , poison or with aslingshot + bombs magic bombs, throw hook maybe some steampunk elements
  • Small antique pistols or a big Flintgun (steampunk, wiht diffrent muds, or classic elemental spells
  • Necromancer: Summon skeletons, dark magic, death, curse
  • Shape converter : Has a curse of an animal he takes the shape of that animal and has to use elixir to control his power a la witcher geralt of riva
  • Wizard with a big two-handed staff or magic wand and relic or shield in second hand. Dark magic, curses and elemental spells (fire, water/ice, earth, lightning, light.)


Hack’n Slay

  • The combat principle is taken from Diablo/Path of Exile buth with an third-person view
  • Small amount of useable Skills but efficent one like: One for each: main dmg skill, buffs/debuffs Skill, movement skillWith a big variation possiblity.
  • Casting and Attaking supposed to feel fast and like u hack'n slay a lot of monster packs at once.
  • Many fighting animations that look awesome.


  • Everything that is gathered in the world has to be crafted into something greater. There are never simple drops u have to craft everything out of the material that drop. For example: If you like to craft a sword, u need to farm iron, charcoal or something like that and some essences to get magic buffs on that sword. but u never actually can drop a finished sword by itself.
  • You can't craft everything by yourself you are depenend on others. You can learn a limited amount of jobs for example Blacksmith, but u can't do alchemy.
  • All materials that are farmed/dropped has to be traded first between the three worlds. For example u like to craft some shoes. So u have to get essences from the arabic world, silk from the asian world if you are european.
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Economy and Trading

  • The Silkroad is the hearth of the trading u have to literally use caravan with camel/horses/bulls and transport your stuff to other worlds and u can get robbed too by npcs and real players
  • Principle of free market. Supply and demand.
  • An NPC buys all the transported goods and makes it available to the stock market

Payment System of the Game

  • About the Paymentsystem I do not have a 100% solution to keep bots/farmers of the game. If its a f2p game it is easy for hackers/cheats to get access to many accounts. Maybe some kind of a buy-in fee to see the real content?
  • Everything else is just minor microtransactions stuff that change your avatar look, the animation of skills and some pets/ hideouts that are also just for the looks.

If you read it until here u are crazy. Sorry for my bad english.

My wish is just that some day a game dev that has no idea what game he will do next, will see that and get a minor inspiration and might grab that idea of my dream game.

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