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Remember the iconic weapon from the Devil May Cry series, the modified M1911’s A.K.A. the Ebony & Ivory? I have a serious problem with them… :(

Gamingtodaynews1g - Remember the iconic weapon from the Devil May Cry series, the modified M1911's A.K.A. the Ebony & Ivory? I have a serious problem with them... :(

Dante's iconic weapon, in theory, doesn't fucking WORK, the Ebony & Ivory are both just M1911's with custom features & two pivot-style triggers that replace the standard one. Some features -like the thickened custom slides, gold plated hammers, ported muzzle compensators, or perhaps the custom sight systems- can indeed work altogether, the molded wooden grip is going to be heavy (which BTW cripples the handling by a significant amount) but the chamber will still successfully propel the cartridge with no issues. What I'm worried about is how incredibly stupid these modified pistols are being portrayed in these games. Dante handles these custom semi-autos like he's holding a freaking mini-gun. Not only is it incredibly implausible for a 45. ACP to fire incredibly fast even with the soft-trigger release it is also dumb to assume that the chrome-lined barrel would even withstand the immense high muzzle flash temperature. To make matters worse as a comparison any kind of machine pistol with a cleaning machining work such as the MP7A1 would overheat extremely easily in these "constant firing scenarios". To add a little bit of salt to the wound, Dante doesn't even change the magazine even if you fired for 5 hours without a break while the detachable mag is being situated inside the chamber and the bullet pool is unlimited for no reason. Such handling without alternation between a slight 20-second pause in between 3-4 tactical reloads produces side-effects so severe it would make the gun USELESS really quickly. All 1911's operate at a constant cap of 85 shells per minute. Oh and don't even try to justify these defective weapon functionalities by mentioning how Dante has inhuman powers because even if these were handled by a machine or Satan himself the chamber would either melt or explode before you could say "Oops". If Capcom was worried about weapon design so much as they're worried about Nero being a Megaman the situation could have been a lot better. These egg-headed idiots think that they can make their fictional barrel out of alleyed gold and get away with it. Well, that can't work because the thermal properties of gold plated elements have a concrete thermal resistance through a property of about 800 to 1000 degrees Celsius so IDK what the fuck were they smoking when they came up with that. Judging by the density and the specific heat of the gold-plated steel it is more than possible to estimate the total heat input per round, the proof is well documented by Ernest Bannister, Richard Johnes & Donald Bagwell of the scientific and technical research team that deals with internal ballistics, the proof is here. Interior Balistic is very easy to analyze but difficult to understand and that's where I come in. Each bullet re-heats the chamber with a 5-10 Celsius and has a temperature residue of 2-4 degrees which would mean that if you were to engage with an ambidextrous dumpster-fire like this you would hurl about 150-200 rounds max before the firing mechanism turns into mashed potatoes. Hilariously enough the administrative handling of both of these semi-autos is a trainwreck anyway. Just the fact that you can keep enemies in the air not only when they are on top of you (which would make more sense logically) but you can also juggle the dummies in mid-air while shooting them when the sights are aligned with X or the Y-axis which is just MAD. If we were to assume that the dummies are the weight of your average human that would mean that you're essentially flinging your cartridges straightforward and then when they enter the rigid-body of a certain enemy type they give gravity the middle finger and actually accelerate as they "uppercut" the dummy at an energy of around 5K Joules which is just nonsense… Not to mention that the surface volume of the projectile aims to penetrate the material and inflict the damage by doing so, it's not a freakin' semi-truck! I do understand that juggling in the air makes up for a good opportunity to go airborne yourself but it doesn't SUIT THE GAME when you have realistic, totally plausible gun aesthetics! You can't just decide to do a completely pragmatic design on one side of the coin and then purposefully go berserk on the flipside. Not only does it shatter the already weak immersion but it doesn't even do anything for you because you're mostly using the guns to stun enemies in the air so that you can hopefully chain a combo. Guns in the DMC series have the lowest damage input they just link combos together and make up for a solid tool for stunning an opponent. No, not even if you decide to ultra-charge them using Alastor or the DT Gauge, they still feel underwhelming just like the sawn-off shotgun. Speaking of flawed design the scattergun manages to be even worse! The poorly named "Gunslinger Mode" has "Rapid Shot" & "Fireworks" abilities that both cause the weapon to go off spectacularly while blasting multiple shots at once in a split-second! OW MY BRAIN! Dante also gloriously crosses his hands when firing the guns which looks cool but make zero sense since you can't fire in an ambidextrous mode and aim down the sights and even if you do decide to use one gun would you rather go for tactical sights or the combat sights that are fixed on the slide release? Well, guess what, even if you decide to aim with one hand and use the actual sights YOU CAN'T. You have absolutely no control of the guns themselves from a locked 3D person perspective and a floating 2D crosshair so wtf is the point of having both the tactical and the molded sights? As I see it, the game acts like a cover-based-shooter instead of letting you aim from the first person like a normal human being. You know, it's like "Hey we have this very intricate weapon features but you can't use them yourself you can just kind of look at it just for the sake of eye-candy, oh and they don't behave realistically btw, ain't it cute?". Speaking of cute, Dante has seizures while handling pistols in mid-air for some reason which again, breaks the immersion and makes no sense. Wow, such an admirable – conspicuous design, can I customize them? Can I interact with them? Can I aim with the damn things? NO! Because we're not using the other 99% of our brain capacities! And GOD FORBID we don't actually need to, we have ANIME & MANGA on our side WOOO WOOO! It's just chronic Millenial hipsterism… and it's fucking contagious. No Jeremy you're not a weapon expert if you watched a single episode of TFB TV, no Jeremy mayonnaise is not a part of the home defense kit. That short coma inducive action snipped in DMC4 is just as self-loathing & intellectually crippling as the rest of the retcon narrative. In the clip, Nero decides to do a drop-kick, Dante, to the face and then pulls out a random Coaxal Smith and Wesson 500 and fires two simultaneous bullets that begin to gradually spin counterclockwise around their respective ballistic trajectories like it's inside a washing machine. Wow, that's extremely dumb so I'm never mentioning it again… Also, the Blue Rose has a (you guessed it) blue muzzle flash which kind of adds insult to the injury. Right in the middle of their anime duel Nero does the ultimate hipster move by reloading the gun in the most obnoxious way possible by chucking a speedloader in the air that magically detaches the .44 rounds out of their slots and then rebounds them inside the cylinder like the holes are coated with a personal lubricant or something… either that or the magnum cartridge is made out of soap. In addition, Dante's .45 ACP collides with the magnum rounds which would not only cause a major ricochet you would also not be able to physically witness their collision point. Instead of a tiny spark, you would feel a mini-shockwave due to how two opposite high-velocity energy sources forcefully concatenate and distort. I mean come on, if both slugs happen to travel approximately around 900 feet per second you have a bigger chance of earning severe hematoma than if you were to ever visually register the point of the collision but it's an Anime move so what the fuck do I know? Nevermind that the firing spring would turn into a gummy worm or possibly liquefy due to how morbidly big the muzzle flash protrudes onto the sighting plane… nevermind how very specific the manual is about how the twin guns are directly based-off on an M1911 but don't function the same way as 1911. Forget about all of that for a second, but let's keep our cherishable comic books and references to other Capcom games because those are surely more important than good weapon design in a game that's ALL ABOUT weapon design!


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