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Remembering the games of yesteryear: What games that have gone dormant/seem to be stuck in development hell are you hoping to see a resurgence, or at least some info in 2021?

Gamingtodaynews1f - Remembering the games of yesteryear: What games that have gone dormant/seem to be stuck in development hell are you hoping to see a resurgence, or at least some info in 2021?

This list is open to not only bring attention to games that were once announced and seem to have disappeared, but also hopefully to put a spotlight on some projects that others either may not have heard of, and may potentially be interested in, so that they can join you in waiting on these games. These can either be games that were announced long ago and havent heard from since other than brief snippets. Or games that literally have said almost nothing since being confirmed in the works, and you are hoping to hear from in the coming year. For me, some of these project my interested has waned a bit and Im not as interested in anymore, but still keep an eye on just in case that spark comes back, and for me that list of games that seem to be dormant are:

  • Atomic Heart
    • Looked like an answer to everyone Bioshock itch, but little has come out of it since its reveal in 2017 and there has been mixed reports about trouble at the studio since, so who knows whats going on with this ambitious, creepy looking game
  • Avowed
    • Recent but still nothing about it has come out and because Obsidian is also still working on Grounded itll probably be a while before we hear anything about this especially since I think they are also still supporting Outer Worlds
  • Babylons Fall
    • When initially revealed I thought this was going to be a knight and armor clad game kind of like Godfall, but it looks more like an anime style game and I have no idea where the direction has gone. Looks like the main source of fighting is using a tethered sword rather than holding it??
  • Biomutant
    • Interest is decreasing a bit on this one. Looks promising, but the mixed signals on how well the game is into production make me a bit weary on the quality of its final release.
  • Bioshock 4
    • Long rumored, long gestating. This game seems have been in the works, allegedly for years, was being worked on at 2K Marin, but only as recent as this year we finally got confirmation the game is in the works at a new 2K studio.
  • Darkest Dungeon 2
    • Love. Love. Love. Love. LOVE. Darkest Dungeon 1 and its been 2 years since the announcement and we got 1 trailer that is still a bit of a tease, but apparently shows that this will be done with 3D rendering which has me a bit intrigued. I just hope they keep that gothic cel shaded style.
  • Dead Island 2
    • Not remotely interested, but I still find news on this game interesting at this point and want to see whats going on with it. The game has been passed around 3 studios since its originally reveal and the gameplay was shown. Deep Silver says its still in the works, and somehow the Gamescom 2014 demo got leaked which I think sparked renewed interest in some folks.
  • Deep Down
    • The real reason I made this list lol. I think most people have forgotten about this game. It was announced in 2013, and was intended to be a launch title for the Ps4. Well…its been 7 years and we are on the Ps5 now. Capcom swears that it is still in the works and even keep renewing its trademark. But even during the Capcom leak we didnt see any mention of this in the documents. Im not even sure how this game would fair in the market. It looked like a more toned down take on Dark Souls with some pretty interesting stuff shown. A year after it was supposed to be released during launch it was stated that it was delayed to better improve it and so it could "better appeal in the long term to players". Which I guess means they were designing it to have reoccurring weekly events and challenges. It was also going to be free to play, which makes sense, but nothing has come out of this since then even though Capcom seems to still be holding onto it and swearing that it hasnt been shelved.
  • Everwild
    • No clue what this game even is, but Im interested. Im a sucker for a good hunting/survival game and I thought that was what this was until its last trailer where it seems like this is more of an emotional journey and you bonding with the animals. But I guess we will have to wait and see.
  • Gotham Knights
    • Supposed to come out next year. Doubt that, espeically with everything going on, but Im hopeful. Theyve said all the right things so far: playable offline, completely solo-able, no microtransactions. But we will have to see how it goes. Games that shoehorn loot havent been proving to do so well recently, and given this game now put status ailments and damage modifiers in the combat I kinda see the same thing happening but Im hoping Im wrong…I crave another Arkham style game so bad, and both this and Suicide Squad Kills the Justice League feel so far removed from that style of gameplay.
  • Hellraid
    • Wait years for this…Techland says its "on hold" but theyve said that before and those games have never seen the light of day either. They pushed it back time and time again before just putting it "on hold" and even released an app game spinoff to build up hype for it. But all we've seen recently is a Hellraid inspired DLC in Dying Light.
  • Hollow Knight Silksong
    • Nuff said. And havent heard much since lol.
  • Ghostwire: Tokyo
    • Very interested in this. Even though we've gotten 2 trailers we have learned very little. And I have a running theory that is is going to spark a franchise, that the reason its called "Ghostwire: Tokyo" and has the ":" before indicating Tokyo specifically means we may be getting sequels that take place in other regions like "Ghostwire: London", "Ghostwire: Greece", etc. And that Ghostwire is simply the name of some underground supernatural hunting department.
  • God of War: Ragnarok & Horizon: Forbidden West
    • Nuff said. Only seen teasers so far, and both are reported to come out next year. Doubt it given the current state of things, but if they do…my god.
  • Little Devil Inside
    • This game has taken a lot of heat from backers, but from the gameplay Ive seen Im very interested and think this is definitely a game I can get into. Hoping to hear something soon and see more.
  • Potionomics
    • Not exactly sure what this game is. On paper it looks like a magic shop business sim. But that raises questions like, how do I get the ingredients for the potions? Been following the twitter page which constantly updates with art and model assets and you can see that you will definitely be crafting your own wares and upgrading tools, but Ive also seen a model of a mimic which makes me think there will be tricksy elements and why I thought there would be some dungeon diving even though the game looks like doesnt actually have any combat in it.
  • Project Awakening
    • No idea what happened to this. Its gone dark but Cygames keeps renewing the trademark and every now and then a snippet of news pops up like a rumored development of a public demo that would be showcased, but so far…nothing. It looks amazing though.
  • Tribes of Midgard
    • Overall looks great and like a fun time. Will definitely come out, and will definitely get, but for now its on my too watch list.
  • Witchfire
    • This game was announced and shown back in 2017, and Ive been following the twitter page and the devs are definitely still working and passionate about it. Looks like they been doing some reworking and improving since, and trying to cope with working from home for right now. Game is definitely moving. Even if slowly despite showing off concept gameplay before.


But yeah. Thats just a brief snippet of a handful of game on my "to watch" list. Lots of them that have almost no info on them so far. Lots of them with still lingering questions. Some that people may have forgotten, and some that people may not have known about to begin with. And thats really the point of this thread. To bring awareness and share. Do you have a game on your list that you look up and watch daily or every other day to see if there is any new announcement (besides Elden Ring lol). One that is possibly obscure? Maybe you might get someone else interested by peering into this thread and they too can share in your interest. I look forward to see games that other people name that I may not know of and can look into.

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