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Remembering The good ol’ days of level 75 FFXI

Gamingtodaynews1f - Remembering The good ol' days of level 75 FFXI

I saw a thread talking about peoples' most memorable experiences in an MMO and after a massive migraine that suddenly came out of nowhere subsided, I felt I should make my own thread mentioning one very memorable experience I had in the world of Vanadiel. I was a Taru black mage DD in a dunes experience party (haha those were the days) and I remember my girlfriend at the time said she was sick so she couldn't hang out. Around this time my mother usually called me to go downstairs to eat but this time she didn't for some reason so it was the perfect storm to no life it on this particular Saturday afternoon.

I remember after the party scraped by a rabbit we almost wiped on during battle, the party had to kneel on one knee for five minutes just to recover HP/MP rest and some members of the party started to gossip. "Ohh here comes the nitty gritty!" I thought to myself rubbing my hands back and forth. The red mage started talking about how she felt so bad she was cheating on her boyfriend with his best friend but how good it felt to have somebody who paid attention to her was. I said "wow that's fucked! The guy who's getting cheated on probably deserves it though i bet. What a dingus!" The bard just kept chuckling /poking the red mage and /smiling. He must have a thing for her or something. "What an idiot, I wouldn't go within 100 yalms of this indecent woman!" I thought to myself.


After the tank said she forgot to make her spoiled brat of a son dinner again, I got a text from my buddy saying that his Taru bard's name in game was "Robbinyourhood" and when I looked at the party members list I couldn't believe it! My best friend was playing in my same party!!! Yess this is epic! Let's go! This was gonna be the best party ever! We kept killing mobs and wiping every few fights for a few hours after that but it did get weirdly quiet for a bit after I told robbin I was his best friend IRL! The red mage and my friend's character both started to /em shifts eyes back and forth at each other and /pointed at me several times. Must've been my epic new coif I got at the auction house for only 150k. Steal! They /shrugged and we kept wiping on lizzys for another 4 hours. We almost gained a whole level that day yes! After I blood warped to Sand'oria to hear that wonderful tune known to make your ears bleed, I logged off and it hit me then! The horrified expression I made on my face when I realized what had just transpired. The horror soon turned to anger when I realized that, that my mother never made me dinner! WTF mom!?!? This would not stand and I would not have it so I…ate a hot pocket. Good times!

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  • TLDR: Galka Paladin on FFXI are amazing!

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