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Reporting a DDOS ATTACK against

Gamingtodaynews1g - Reporting a DDOS ATTACK against

So I understand that this may not be the proper route for this, but given how serious the offense is i want some kinda of answer or something to occur. So today a group of friends of mine were DDOS by a gamer known as Decaf Gamer ( youtube account) SpangeBaab ( PSN account, he has several accounts) . He joined our party today and made random noise until we kicked him out of the party. he then returned to the party and had a confrontation with the party host. saying " you like kicking people from parties" " im going to disconnect you now". host kicked him again then the event occurred he Disconnected one friend ( breakid psn) then joined and bragged about the disconnect. we kicked him again and then my next friend (xionaryon) was disconnected. He came back bragged about it again and then disconnected a my last friend KOWABUNGA23. he then came in and bragged to me that he wasnt gunna kick me just because i joined late. i sent reports through PSN but i feel as if i couldn't fully give them the entire story. Hopefully they are able to do a full investigation. This is a teenage kid that is causing damages and conducting a highly illegal act. the only really evidence i have is his account profile that stats " DISRESPECT=DISCONNECT" he purely brags about it in his account. something PLS tell me PSN can investigate this event further than just reading my post. this kid is conducting a crime and must be confronted and reprimanded.


if this gets removed, pls just give me some help on getting this guy the punishment for his crime.

P.s. By the time of writing this none ofmy friends have been able to reconnect, well one did and instantly got dc'ed again.

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