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Resistance 4: Reboot the Series?

Gamingtodaynews1f - Resistance 4: Reboot the Series?

Hey folks.

I was thinking about Alt History games with my friend like Wolfenstein the New Order and I was reminded of probably my favorite shooter on the PS3:

Gawd, not only did the game have awesome creative weapons (and no 2 weapon limit… Resistance 2 >:C ) and split screen co-op but what I so drawn into was the lore, the universe, the setting. I love WWII and seeing Insomniac marry the WWII sensibilities with the grim dark, sci fi, and alt history lore elements was so compelling to me.

I remember even going to the RFOM website to learn about the lore via a interactive animated timeline, seeing how the Chimera arrived through the Tunguska event, how that affected world history, that WWI never happened, Russia built a huge wall to stop the Chimera from spilling over to western Europe, and so much more.

So it was pretty disappointing when Resistance 2 dropped all that interesting lore and tone in exchange for a generic as-a-matter-of-fact military sci fi setting with little lore added or an interesting tone. Resistance 3 did try to have more of a stylized look and mood to it with the post-apocalyptic-feels though I still much prefer the original game's direction: A WWII alt history grim dark sci fi setting.

And I know Insomniac doesn't plan to return to the franchise but if they or someone else does, what I hope is that they basically kinda just reboot the whole thing.


Have the games maintain some consistent tone, style. The series going from WWII sci fi to generic sci fi to post apocalyptic sci fi was really jarring. Personally I prefer the WWII sci fi setting as it made for a really interesting world and played with our expectations of the Second World War.

Story wise, if they reboot the series and it's a three parter… The first game would just be a reimagining of the first game. You and the Americans are sent to Britain to help stop this never before seen threat, with no amount of training preparing you for what's about to happen. The second game should follow through with the liberation of Britain with the Anglo American forces landing in France and maybe ending in Germany. The final third game should take place in Russia, the battered Allied forces trying to breakthrough the Red Curtain and stop the Chimeran threat once and for all by destroying the source (perhaps some portal or some event horizon in Tunguska, where the RFOM timeline started, implying the Chimera arrived at the Tunguska event)

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Thoughts? Suggestions? Criticisms?

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