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responce to PCGamer’s article that took comments out of discussion “is this a dead genre?”

Gamingtodaynews1f - responce to PCGamer's article that took comments out of discussion "is this a dead genre?"

article in question:

Majority of the article discusses peoples from this subreddit replies. Now it mentions "for MMO diehard fans". How does one define a diehard? This MMO hopper has started her days in Perfect World and Runescape, upgraded to World of Warcraft, proceeded to drift to Guild Wars 2, later jumped on the Wildstar hype train, landed on Elder Scrolls Online and Final Fantasy 14 once that train left the station, has also tried out multiple other MMOs, such as Maplestory 2 and Black Desert Online for brief periods of time. My most beefy amounts of time spent would probably be in FFXIV 14 (5000 hours) and Guild Wars 2 (over 2000 hours). I did put in considerable amount into Wildstar, so in the end all my characters might have summed up to a bit over 1000 hours. I don't remember how much time I've spent on WoW or Runescape as it has been a while since I logged on, sorry.

Now the article itself kind of enraged me, because I feel like its a bad question to publicize and kind of bad form to make an article out of a subreddit's discussion thread. So I made a responce video. The aim of the video is to try to explain that I do not believe MMO as a genre is close to dying. If the most popular shooter only had 100 000 people playing, would you proclaim the genre dead? Because I wouldn't. And MMOs are far above that. In fact the genre will not be dead until the last MMO falls in pop and a new one is not made.

I think the better question here have been to establish what kind of MMOs are missing and "dead" rather than declare the genre dead. By all means old school PvP faction focused MMOs that encouraged PvP in the open world are mostly absent. However as a genre for what it is, it is doing great. We have the staples of FFXIV, WoW, GW2, ESO. BDO could be a staple considering what you consider the current staples of the genre (there are so so so many small ones though, like Star Trek Online for example, nobody talks about them, but they do exist and they do have their own communities). We even had massive ones hit the west (and flop) barely a year ago (Maplestory 2 comes to mind. I consider it a flop personally, but it does still have a passionate community that will live on with it, the same as Blade and Soul has their for example). New MMOs are still releasing yearly. Might not be what you're looking for, but they are releasing yearly. Among the most popular current MMOs two are barely half a decade old. I don't think that we are dying and I think it's bit heinous to proclaim that.

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I also think that it is unfair to say that new MMOs lack the soul of the MMO just because they're convenient. When I'm roleplaying in a FFXIV housing district, hanging out with my FC members in a city, doing hunts, or big fates (that requires a lot of people), chatting in linkshells, I don't feel any less connected to the world just because the story leveling is singleplayer. I had great experiences discovering things while going through zones upon expansion drops. I had great moments hanging out in voice chats with my friends. I had thrills out of killing the next raid boss, doesn't matter if the team size was 20 or 8. I think its unfair to state that just because the new generation is indulging in convenient MMOs, there's less of a human aspect to it and the whole MMO magic is gone.

I think it is fair to state that the new type of MMO is not what you're looking for, but unfair to declare the genre as dead just because of it.

The article portrayed the MMO world like nothing is happening in the current MMOs as well. ESO gets expansions every 1 year, WoW and FFXIV every 2 years and Guild Wars 2 about every 2 years or so.

I probably just explained my opinion a lot more coherently in here, than in the video. Mostly because it's late at night and I'm poorly, but I really really disliked that a journalist came in, took comments from this sub and represented the MMO community as nothing but a disgruntled bunch dreaming about the good old days. If you want to listen to 30 minutes of me reading the article and trying to express a coherent responce, you can do it here:

Otherwise this post portrays my anger about as coherently as anything else could. I would love to hear your guys opinion on it though.

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