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Rethinking the possibility of MMORPG style games to be played in the real world…

Gamingtodaynews1f - Rethinking the possibility of MMORPG style games to be played in the real world...

I had an idea, I call it ‘The Game of Life’. An immersive MMORPG style, 4th dimensional digital gaming world, that overlaps an entire digitally augmented economy on top of the real world all around us, allowing for the repurposing of physical locations for digital world adventures.

Virtual reality can, for now, only take us so far. Nothing is more real than the world around us, so why not turn reality into a game? Using some very basic services that are already widely accessible through our mobile devices, we could create an entirely new world layer, a digital gaming dimension that would be accessible to all and fully adaptable by all those who play.

Imagined as a real life World of Warcraft, taken off the screens and put into the palm of your hand, the new format would enable the player to traverse their city, country, or even the world in search of adventure.

By incorporating 3D printing from verified vendors in the real world, semi-virtual QR tagged, augmented reality items could be crafted and either sold, won through socially distanced battles, or discovered through completing user generated quests in the real world. Other items could be printed and worn as tokens of accomplishment, badges of honour to be displayed to other gamers.

It would start with a ledger on your mobile device, allowing the creation of a unique character, setting your base stats and giving you access to an inventory of items, spells and objects that you gather (scan) along your travels. Any personal user data could be stored locally on the users device while short range Bluetooth connections would be required for trade (outside authorized trading markets) or 2-party user initiated battles and quest confirmations.


Random encounters with digital creatures would help users walking around the real-world gain EXP if they chose to stand their ground and fight. There would be an integrated currency within the game, backed by any real-world businesses who would allow the player to trade this digital currency for real world discounts for their goods and services, providing real-world businesses a new and novel way to advertise their products and facilitate the growth and popularity of the game.

Each user would be able to create their own side quests for others using in-game escrow services with rewards being unlocked by completing certain quests, visiting certain locations or by speaking to certain other users within the game. The only limit to the game would be your imagination, your own experience of the game could be what ever you want it to be, and you would be free to explore new ways to develop the surrounding game.

Ultimately this could expand to an entire digitally augmented economy, boosting the real-world economy of every nation where people play the game, it would drive travel and communication as well as provide excitement and adventure, it would be glorious.

I can see how far this concept could be taken in my mind; this description is only the most basic iteration of the idea I had. I would love to develop it further and use services such as blockchain, what-3-words and geocaching, as well as appeal to the 3D printing community for support and suggestions. Working with large companies like Activision Blizzard as well as allowing any other companies to fund an idea that would have tangible benefits for their real-world business locations, could revolutionize the integration of the physical and the digital worlds, spearhead innovation and benefit everyone involved.

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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