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Retired Topics – 2020-10-06

Gamingtodaynews1g - Retired Topics - 2020-10-06

Hey there folks and thanks to all who participated in the retired topics thread. I'll walk you through the results. As usual, any delay in making this thread was purely the fault of EA. At the end there will also be a few updates to our rules, so don't click away just yet.

Previously Retired Topics

All of them have been very clearly voted to be kept retired. That means:

  • Tackling gaming backlogs
  • "I get angry when I play multiplayer"
  • "I don't enjoy playing any more"
  • "Games can/can't be objectively good/bad and here's my opinion piece proving it"

will continue to be retired. We're contemplating adding these to the rules proper so that we don't have to keep re-retiring them if this goes on.

Newly Proposed Topics

The votes and comments are pretty clear in favour of retiring:

  • Completionism OCD
  • Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO)
  • Microtransactions are evil (without further distinction)

The vote was not conclusive and thus will not result in retiring for:

  • "How do I get good/better?"
  • The increase to $70 standard price
  • The classification/nomenclature of genres, and whether a certain game fits.

For "How do I get better?" we will be discussing how personal advice in general should be handled in the sub. For the $70 price increase, we hope that it will be a short lived topic that dies down after a while.

Opinion Polls

For both Reviews and Essays there were quite a few good arguments on the table with the overall sentiments in favour of keeping both. We'll discuss this and try to come up with a good way to integrate these types of submissions better into the sub.


Some of you may know that there is a limit of two announcements per sub on reddit. This means that the megathreads won't be stickied. To ensure they all get the attention they deserve I'll post them a bit staggered and also not strictly 1:1 analoguous to the retired topics.
retired topic megathread negative psychological - Retired Topics - 2020-10-06

The first thread is a combined thread for a few topics since they all deal with negative psychological impact in gaming:
  • Tackling gaming backlogs
  • "I get angry when I play multiplayer"
  • "I don't enjoy playing any more"
  • Completionism OCD
  • FOMO

I'll also update the wiki page for retired topics.

Rules Updates

I will edit these also into the previous rule thread, since that one is linked in the sidebar.

As promised, we evaluated the cost/benefit of the minimum account age in the sub. The was a bit of confusion as to the purpose of these. To clear that up, the limit is not about spam. Instead it is to deter people who are new to reddit from posting without reading the rules or spending a bit of time learning what the sub is about.

To confirm that this does what it's supposed to do,
u/ThePageMan actually sat down and collected every single post that automod killed over a few weeks. It was found that yes, by far the majority of these do not meet our quality criteria, so we will be keeping the account age limit. At the same time automod for some reason did not delete submissions by new accounts which led to the unfortunate situation of new accounts creating a topic and then having all their replies deleted. We'll try to fix that so that submissions from new accounts will get removed too. The wording of the rules gets updated to reflect that. The loophole stays in place; if someone thinks their submission is useful, a simple mod message is enough. That also works if you delete your reddit account every once in a while for privacy reasons.

In addition to that and for purely technical reasons, the rule about minimum top comment length will get moved to the Meta section.

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