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Retired Topics Remastered – Pre-Order Now!

Gamingtodaynews1g - Retired Topics Remastered - Pre-Order Now!

Hey all. It's time to finally review the retired topics. Hopefully this time more regularly than the last instance.

What is a retired topic?

A retired topic is a topic that has come up so often that the community decides that everything that can be said has been said already and that new threads about it are unwanted for a time. Retired topics are meant to be reviewed every 6 months or so (and failure to do so in the past were EA's fault, no really!). Instead there is to be one megathread per topic where everyone can get their opinion off their chest. Future submissions will then be removed and redirected to that megathread.

Currently there are four topics retired:

  • Tackling gaming backlogs

  • "I get angry when I play multiplayer"

  • "I don't enjoy playing any more"

  • "Games can/can't be objectively good/bad and here's my opinion piece proving it"

I will add these as proposals to the thread myself. You can upvote them if you like to keep them retired, the default will be to allow them again.

Based on reports we've gotten in the past (the last 5 weeks actually, I went through the mod log), I will add some new proposals too:

  • "How do I get good/better?" – These have been pretty frequent and get a lot of reports too, so it seems people are tired of those.

  • "Microtransactions are evil" – These should probably be retired even now, in the last polling there was sufficient support for it. We had a quite a few threads about it recently and those got a steady amounts of reports.

  • "Completionism OCD is ruining games for me" – Also a pretty common topic and a also report magnet.

  • The increase to $70 standard price – With the new console generation upon us this topic is on everyone's mind it seems.

I will also use this thread to address some additional topics with the community. We get a noticeable amount of reports for a few specific reasons that are intentionally not covered by the rules right now:

  • Essay

  • Game review

In the broadest sense these could be construed to be not discussions. At the same time those are in many cases works of effort and quality, something which this sub otherwise honours. I'll add these as top level comments and I invite you to argue for or against those (I'll add my own thoughts there too).

How does this thread work?

This thread will be in contest mode which means random sorting and hidden votes but as usual discussion is wanted and encouraged. Make your case for or against as best as you can. Please keep the top-level comments for retired topic suggestions, comment below the top level comments with your reasoning. Please upvote if you want to retire a topic, downvote if you want to keep it.

And what then?

We'll use both the upvotes and the discussion to make the call whether a topic will be benched for a while. The current list is and will be in the wiki. The megathreads will happen later, most likely staggered. Until the megathread is in place, the topic is not officially retired (because be can't redirect the discussion to it).

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