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[Review] Dual Universe Beta a Disaster.

Gamingtodaynews1f - [Review] Dual Universe Beta a Disaster.

Dual Universe just hit Public Beta Today and it was a total disaster.

  • First off there is next to no game play loops and pve content to do.
  • The games performance is beyond bad especially when you are near any type district & trading hub… We're not talking about 100 fps to 40 fps we're are talking about 40 fps to 5 fps…
  • The tutorial & guide does not help most players get started. If you want to survive you need to find a helping group or you will be lost and confused right away.
  • The developers let players grief other players in forms of large constructs and advertising at Districts to kill off the few remaining FPS you have.
  • The economy is destroyed. Talking to other players in the game a week before their Soft Launch they have had 2 Major economy breaches. One was Salvaging System where people made millions and then they took it out. The next one was the Bots where you can buy/sell items from. Yes they don't have a player / real economy it's all just these fake bots that buy / sell things. Anyways the Bots were buying things for some insane profits so people were buying and selling back and forth and made 100's of Millions.
  • The economy is not player driven at all in fact like I said above it's highly based on this whole Bot System.
  • They have a Daily Login reward of 100k credits a day. Their excuse was so creative players don't have to mine… Once again another dagger into the economy.
  • The community raptly wanted the Beta Delayed and there was even a Poll (from what I'm told from the community in game) that there was polls to do a Wipe that the Poll had multiple options and all the poll wipe options added up was almost 50% of the community. The point here was not so what 50% it's more about 50% of the community felt there was a need to begin with was the biggest insane part.

Overall the Game is a mess and I can't ever see it pulling itself together. From what I been told as some of this is old information not something as a new player would know is that the developers have no clue what their doing. That they keep testing new major features live that keeps breaking and upsetting the balance of the game.


I hate doing this myself and have not done it in a long time but I put a refund request in myself. I honestly can't support a game like this. It explains why they went overboard with the NDA. Now they have no money left and they are trying to last a couple more years before they go Job Hunting it seems.

Yes I know this is a Beta and I understand many changes will happen. That being said breaking the economy on so many levels within 1 week without real action shows what the future holds.

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  • Reply
    Sep 09, 2020 10:32 am

    What shit are you writing ?
    Best Game i ever played, yes it has bugs but is BETA

    100k Bonus Money a Day is not much, for example you need 500k to create an organisation

    FPS is no problem in city i always have like 50fps on 2k
    outside i have like 100fps

  • Reply
    None Of Your Business
    Sep 09, 2020 10:42 am

    This “article” is total bullshit, folks. Whoever wrote it is apparently a hateful whiny crybaby that has no concept of what “beta” means and should never play anything more complex than Tic Tac Toe because their ADHD can’t handle it. And this “website” is a complete disaster and parody.. reposting a whiny crybaby’s Reddit post without actually verifying the facts – that’s not journalism, that’s pathetic.

  • Reply
    Sep 09, 2020 4:58 pm

    I am still playing, and have been playing every day since open beta started, and almost 2 weeks later, it is even WORSE!

    Massive errors trying to do the simplest tasks, at least 20 hours each day (if you are lucky, you will get an hour or two of stability before it turns to crap again).

    It really is a great game, when it is working. Unfortunately, that’s maybe 10-20% of each day. It is a disaster. If they are out of money, then this project will end. It still needs massive fixes, at least another year or two back in alpha phase.

    I’m not giving up yet, but I’ve definitely lost hope, and rapidly losing patience.

    They NEVER should have went to open beta. It wasn’t ready. If they did it because they need money, well, they are screwed. Another great concept that won’t come to fruition. What a shame.

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