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Reviewing a bucket of MMO’s

Gamingtodaynews1e - Reviewing a bucket of MMO's

Ranked from best to worst in my opinion

  1. Project Gorgon – The pricetag is huge but the amount of gameplay to be had is also huge, tons of low quality content, but the depth is huge and the community a hit or miss between snobby and elitist. My advice is to try and be a Battle Chemist so that you'll have a long term goal of 50 Alchemy to start.
  2. Maplestory Phoenix Private Server – About 130 players having a great time, if you don't get a donation from a high level player you'll find yourself sitting in a chair waiting to regen a lot so make sure you're friendly on their Discord, fantastic experience
  3. Eldevin – Runescape clone with very in depth questing and world building, it's fun to min-max and find the most efficient paths between the resource nodes, community is super carebear
  4. World of Warcraft Kronos 3 Private Server – Fun vanilla WoW experience I got to level 22 on my warlock before getting bored of killing soldiers and murlocks over and over
  5. NoScrubs Iris Online Private Server – Underrated and underappreciated gem of a game. There is barely a community but the grind is great if you have nostalgia for this, bring friends with you
  6. Warhammer: Return of Reckoning Private Server – I couldn't get the Lua UI's to work, maybe I need to re-download it? Lots of technical issues getting setup but the PvP is great and the community is… well, there's a lot of zerging if that's your thing
  7. OriginsRO Ragnarok Private Server – Fun to multibox and have a Swordsman / Priest killing Cacti / Mandrakes / Wolves / Christmas Presents
  8. Roblox – Fantastic to learn programming and shamelessly watch numbers go up in clicker-style games, anything competitive is… weird because the playerbase is 9 years old so you just end up winning all the time
  9. Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues – Lots of loading screens and instances and the developers are scared to make it's gameplay hardcore like Ultima even though they want everything else from Ultima, it falls into the uncanny valley and it's hard to cross the gap between getting 500k exp/hr to 5m exp/hr, there's not much in between and it's morale crushing when you have elitist players literally getting 10 fold your experience rate
  10. Nasomi FFXI Private Server – Super fun although it's setup for controller support so getting it to work with mouse/keyboard was eventually the killer for me. Also you'll need to drag a few friends along with you
  11. Terraria – Awesome game! I quit because the building blocks are too small, but some people fall in love there's tons to do
  12. OldSchool Runescape – Fun until you get caught up in the rat race of paying for membership, if you're willing to pay for a year and forget about bonds then it's fun but that's like $90
  13. hordes io – Shameless linear grind but all the grind spots are camped
  14. City of Heroes: Homecoming Private Server – Talk to NPC, do mission repeat I'm sure the community is good if you find a good guild but I couldn't find a guild and the community is super elitist with any nooby questions often giving snobby replies, boomer game for sure
  15. Aberoth – The most in depth shitduke I've ever played, super fun because of the politics and betrayals, they have a raunchy community
  16. Destiny 2 – Too many loading screens for not enough fun, it feels linear
  17. Guild Wars 2 – Awesome quirky game with great PvP and raids
  18. Shadowbane – The community is very tight knit and elitist but there was one guy named Troy who held my hand and walked me through the builds and where to grind and it ended up being interesting but you definitely need to find a mentor. The PvP is very rock paper scissors but there's lots of classes to mess around with. The best in slot gear feels very uninspired to get.
  19. Anarchy Online – Too monetized and the support staff are jerks, community is elitist but I'm sure if I really tried I could hop in with a carebear guild somewhere
  20. Luna Online Reborn (Blue Land Online) – Nostalgic shameless grind although they try to monetize you with a time-gated mount that disappears after a week
  21. Legends of Aria – I ran around killing bandits endlessly for 2 silver each and then when I went to fight higher level ogres or whatever the spots were camped
  22. Xenimus – If you can get passed the keybinding hell that is Xenimus, a friendly community and a shallow adventure awaits
  23. Mabinogi – There's too much to do? I think? And you also feel like there's nothing to do at the same time
  24. Meridian 59 – The map isn't big enough and there isn't enough documentation and the community is elitist whenever you have a question
  25. MilMo – Surprisingly fun to run around and collect gems when you're stressed
  26. Path of Exile – I didn't like the weird barter currency system and the excessive skill tree but some people absolutely love this game and it's worth a shot
  27. Project 1999 – Too much sitting to regen health, I guess if you get a ton of buddies together it'd be fun at level 10 or so
  28. NosTale – Sprite based characters in a 3d world for a cute linear grind
  29. Hearthstone – Fun but the packs are pay to win, the vibe is off somehow I'm not sure how to put it but I just don't feel at peace playing this game
  30. Legends of Runeterra – Fun card game that I think has tons of potential
  31. ArcheAge Unchained – Awesome game! Fishing is super relaxing until someone who's sweatier than you brings a Galleon to ruin the fun. It felt like melee was too overpowered in the water at least where all my PvP took place
  32. Wartale Private Server – I have no idea why so many people play this shameless grind of a game, you'll get carpal tunnel. I probably picked the worst class… It was like… the Atlanta or something. You throw Javelins at ghosts. Could be endless fun for a certain type of crazy gamer but that ain't me chief
  33. Valheim – Fun for an hour before you realize there's no depth, vikings are lit
  34. The Repopulation – The delivery missions are fun although every time you cross a zone border the game crashes, the developers are too carebear
  35. Vanguard Private Server – This game isn't going to go anywhere as much as I want it to, everything is broken beyond belief
  36. Steambirds Alliance – Bring a friend with you to play this, it's like Realm of the Mad God but better in every way, developers are ethical with monetization, and there's bosses that are fun to kill
  37. Astonia Reborn – Shutdown now but there are more servers of it in other places. Seriously a unique experience but it felt linear like you following a straight path that every other player played
  38. Asheron's Call – The private server is laggy and the UI is horrible but I hear it's good I just didn't feel connected to the community, I'd probably need to ask around for a guild. The one dungeon I did go in had like a million rats and some of the rats were green that would one shot you
  39. Arcfall – The highest level content was literally noobs sitting on top of a mountain ranging down the boss for the best drops while not being able to be hit. So much wasted potential
  40. The Hammer's End – I love the style but the quests are uninspired and there's not enough variety in the abilities
  41. Gloria Victis – I have no idea why people think this game is good when it's not, the most boring experience of PvP I've ever encountered, 2 people run at each other with a sword and whoever is luckiest wins
  42. Atlas – I hear it's better now but when I played it I was just contributing to a mega base and not knowing the specifics about how things worked so I felt disconnected to the game and just like a slave picking up Jute
  43. Tibia – Too monetized but there's tons of content if you're willing to fork up some cash
  44. Orake – 2d MMO that doesn't take itself seriously, definitely inspired by Runescape
  45. Life Forge ORPG – 2d Sprite Based MMO with linear progression
  46. Tale of Toast – Developers initially had a hardcore PvP experience, then they took that away? And made a wilderness without high level resource nodes? And made a crytocurrency? Maybe it's good I'm not sure, the developers completely ghosted their community when they had the chance to take off
  47. Champions of Regnum – They shamelessly make you buy randomized gear through loot boxes and won't give you a horse to ride, but the PvP is fun for the niche playerbase it has
  48. Maplestory 2 – Terrible linear grind that drops you off into running the same dungeon for a chance at gear, some people like that I guess
  49. Realm of the Mad God – Hop in with a friend and ragequit after 1 hour with permadeath, I didn't like reading the loot as much as I had to
  50. Villagers and Heroes – Childish MMO that doesn't feel satisfying because there isn't many rare drops
  51. Atulos Online – Run through premade dungeons over and over for gold
  52. Survived By – Possibly fun for you and a friend to play, rebirth as a better class when you die, quite interesting but bad
  53. Mirage Online Classic – I couldn't get my friends to try this with me for the life of me but it looks so interesting
  54. Medivia Online – It's like Tibia but tries to monetize you extremely early, I heard it's good if you have the money to blow but I'm not willing to pay for it
  55. stein world – Weird game that's monetized too heavily too early but might be fun
  56. Otherland – Lots of passion put towards a linear grind that ultimately isn't fun
  57. Return of Warrior – Terribly run reboot of a generic shameless grind game
  58. Quantum League – Terrible concept with terrible execution shooter
  59. Starfall Online – Russian linear experience who's vibe was off
  60. Entropia Universe – Shameless manipulative cash grab made by delusional developers, the only thing you can do for free is sweat which is worth… 11 cents an hour! (And people are actually still sweating to this day, it boggles my mind)
  61. Key2Heaven – Absolute shitduke, play a mage and AoE rats for 5 minutes
  62. Planet of Dreams – Shameless Real Cash Economy game that I… somehow made $11 from

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