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Riot games does not allow me to delete my account without giving full details about me which I have not provided to them when I registered my account to their service.

Gamingtodaynews1f - Riot games does not allow me to delete my account without giving full details about me which I have not provided to them when I registered my account to their service.

Hey all! I had a really bad experience in a couple of days interacting Riot games. I have requested from them that I would like to delete my account with no success, since they ask for information what I have not provided them when I registered my account.

Full story: I have requested from them to delete my account nicely a couple of days ago. One of the Customer Service folk have contacted me and told me to clarify the difference between deleting and deactivating. I already know what that meant so I acknowledged it and wanted to ask again for the deletion of the account. Important to this mail that they also wanted to verify me and asked for my User account, Riot ID, Original mail what I have used to creat my account, Location from where I have registered and the question of: Have you made purchases on this account for RP/Coins? If yes, please list the payment methods used. She has also notified me to let me know which of these options I do prefer, and She be able to further assist you. I have acknowledge the email so I continued to delete my account by asking with a specific acknowledgement that I have to say manually in a token response that I am acknowledging the fact that I am going to delete the account. This went for nearly three days since they wanted asked every single day to answer for the verification of myself – since they have stated that this is an option I did not reacted to them in regard with these questions, just wanted to delete my account. So they stated that they cannot delete my account without giving information about these questions which have they stated as I told from previous that they have notified me that this is an option. Regardless of that redirected this message to NA servers since they were the original providers who have registered my account 6-7 years ago. Now I know from a fact that they can actually look for my actual account since my token to their service is tied to my account so they have every information available on their service all the time – I am working in tech related fields where I know every token is related to account. Anyway so I have gave them my ID so they target my account with no problem. One of the customer service people there have sent me a message that there is some info that does not match up, so she asked me the following to reply:

Basic info:
– All possible emails you used to create the account (take a couple of guesses!):
– Do you still have access to these emails?
– Your birthday:
– Creation date of the account and/or newest champ/skin when you started playing?
– Name any refunded champions or skins:
– If you’ve sent/received gifts, what gifts and/or to/from whom?
– Has anyone else ever been on the account? (including friends/family):
– Who made this account?


If you’ve bought RP:
– PayPal email address?
– First 6 and last 4 digits of any credit cards used:
– RP card PIN numbers?
– Any transaction IDs for RP purchases?

I notified her that I have already spent a couple of days interacting with their Customer Service, and I have clearly stated that I want to delete my account. She replied to me with their generic reply that she is not seeing any verification information. Now since many days and a lot of replies have happened I have give them a response that I am not willing to give them informations that I have not provided them since it's a basic right to respect other's privacy. I have also said that they have my token so they can easily target me without any sort of trouble. I have also stated that I have already asked them first time nicely, I gave them my ID and give permission to delete my account. Since I know that I would have had the same generic response from them, I did tell them that if they are not going to delete my account I'm going to take legal actions based upon abuse of my basic human rights. Today I've got an email from them that the customer service stuff is not allowed to continue communicate with me, so they stated my token and response solved.

Now I have leaned basic rights in university and also am aware of my acknowledgement of my rights, but this in my opinion is a complete bullocks response from them. I have clearly stated what I wanted, they have my logs about this situation and also a couple of weeks ago I have made change in password since they have told me weeks ago that they have suspected someone was trying to access my account – I reacted with changing the password as fast as I can in order to have my privacy back. And since they are not going to delete my account I have no other ways to regain the ability to delete my account at all. I'm pretty sure that they have asked some of this data to gather information to Tenzent which I am not in anyway going to give.

If anyone wants to clarify anything based upon my story, please let me know in comments. I have just no chill and clear mind to deal with this bs.

Thank you for your responses.

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