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I previously asked if anyone had any impressions on this game, and the consensus was, most of everyone was waiting for the Limited Run Games physical release. Well, the physical release came out this week, so I played it a little.

Overall, I like it. I really enjoyed the original River City Ransom/Downtown Hot-blooded Story. I enjoyed the RPG elements, like eating food and reading books to power up. River City Girls is not exactly more of the same; it has some new mechanics, like leveling up to learn new martial arts moves (similar to NES Double Dragon). And now I have a new game to recommend whenever anyone comes to this sub and asks for couch co-op game recommendations.

I was also really impressed with what LRG did with the physical release. I only expected to get a game disc and jewel case, but I also got a full color product manual with comics (!), a soundtrack CD, and a collectable card. Wow. That was my first time buying from them. Do they do that for all their releases?

I do have a few minor nits to pick:

  • You now have to press Square to leave the area, but Square is the same button as the weak attack move. Since that's the button I end up mashing all the time, I kept unintentionally leaving areas when playing close to an edge. Couldn't they have set it to Circle instead?
  • The game does not support auto-pausing if your controller comes disconnected. So if your controller runs out of batteries, some radio interference comes along, or your cat pulls the plug on your USB cable, your character is going to get mugged.
  • I like how, if you're playing couch co-op, and the other player is defeated, you can resurrect the other player by standing over them and pressing Triangle repeatedly. Unfortunately, I've gotten into the situation where I'd be standing over the other player & pressing Triangle while a bunch of mobs were down on the same spot, and my character would stomp on the downed mobs instead of the second player. You'd think the game would prioritize the second player if that happened.
  • From what I can tell, the game awards less XP per mob defeated if you're over leveled for an area. I kind of wish it didn't do that, except in Hard difficulty. The game also seems to reduce the money you get from mobs in that situation as well; am I wrong about that? I hope I'm wrong about that.

That said, I've been enjoying my return to River City so far. What about the rest of you?

Also, what's the best way to farm money? In the original game, there were two easy & repeatable bosses you could defeat over and over again to make it rain. I wonder if they did something similar this time around…

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