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Why do we insist on games with leveling system be "RPGs"

as someone who loves MMOs, and TTRPGs, i really do not think our classic MMORPGs have much RP involved.

Role Playing defined by me: considering the game world as its own place, and your character a part of it, rather than considering it a game, and you the player.

That is a simple definition, for the very beginnings of RP, TTRPGers will want more than that. suffice to say, after you have immersed in the world, Higher level RP would be to consider your character as having independent desires than your own, at a basic level you can see they need food and shelter, at a higher level they have goals and aspirations

in essence the experience of playing in most of these worlds does not bring you into the world to play a character instead they have become extremely "meta" in the tabletop sense

How would you put more RP into and MMORPG?

My first instinct is to remove alot of the stats, stats are great for making your character strong for power gaming, like raiding is great but its is VERY meta. you do not think of it as you are a character fighting monsters that might kill you, instead you stare at DPS charts and study mechanics with precise timing.

I think if you shove 1000 players into a simpler game with more interaction with environment coming to mind is valheim it would have way more RP going on in the game.

Right up front survival games with some building lets you make a mark inside the world, they have food needs and often shelter needs, this is separate from your own while your character doesnt die from being hungry, you will feed them from time to time for more HP and stamina in valheim. you do not eat at this same time, obviously but this at its base level is RP far more than WoW eating food for buffs. having lower HP from not eating is a choice you can make, but you are more comfortable with the HP so you eat.


I think the main problem you will have is like ARK and RUST, you cram a bunch of players who think RPG means game with leveling they just blast each other and raid each other every hour of the day.

how to fix that, well i havent seen a good answer, but i think its along the lines of 2 systems, 1 hard rules stopping the chaos, but minimalist like killing that same player too frequently can get you a suspension if reported for harassments, but the second system would be governance, some way for players to enact law on the game world. player chosen law.

how to handle law:option 1: code in a way to gain power and how to lose it – then balance it then make it so they can set laws, basic "game options" that can be change by who is in power.option 2: have a similar way to gain power then options that allow for tracking players who "break" said laws. then players can enforce it, so the balance comes in reasons for players to enforce law such as rewards for hunting PKers, and consequences to PKers, such as a person with bountie respawns in jail, then has to wait for release.option 3: simply incentivize order, and hope players figure out how to not be assholes. make it very punishing to get raided, and nearly impossible to stop it from happening, therefor the PKers experience that harsh problems also, and will really hate it and stop doing it. i have doubts that game populations will remain high enough to reach the post enlightenment era Tho private servers can be seen doing just this tho often will ban the repeat offenders.

am i crazy? i think RP should occur at least at base level

how to RP, start from the bottom of maslow's hierarchy of needs

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