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RPG game for non-RPG gamer

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I'm never really interested in RPG (or MMO) games, because i can get easily overwhelm by deep deep items, factions and skill tree system, yet i able to finish Fallout 3 and recently The Outer Worlds (i will keep referring these two games from now on). Then i started to think why i attached to these games.

So basically boil down to first impression, if you can hook the player to the game on the first time, its easier to keep the player attached (well not always the case, but its easier). Here is the more depth reason:

  1. Slow Introduction – Both game start slow, making sure player properly introduced to the world and start introduce the RPG mechanics one by one while the game telling the player what happen in this world. Also making sure player only encounter 1-2 faction on early game
  2. Don't let player explore too far yet – Both game is basically linear walking simulator on early minutes on the game and then when introduced to the world, the game give only 1 quest to certain place and if player roam too far, player will encounter enemy that nearly impossible to beat on low lever stats
  3. Story/ Narrative is very important – Having player story is blind to what happen to the world while make the world believable will make the player become curious and have driving force to doing quests. Adding tragedy in early/intro game also giving player driving force
  4. Simple, easy to understand Items and Skill system – Well this one is obvious and pretty common in western RPG

I hooked in Fallout 3 because i want to search the character dad while understanding the world, outside the vault game direct me to Megaton, meeting character, doing quest one by one while understanding how the game mechanics work on this game. Same thing in Outer Worlds, being frozen many years, i want to help woke the peoples on the hope, come to Edgewater doing stuff then slowly getting to the other planets.


Meanwhile, got choked on factions and their quests in Fallout New Vegas, introduced everything at short time in Fallout 4 and have no idea what I'm doing in Borderlands.

Of course RPG veteran always want ultra deep customization & mechanics, different gamer, different game.

And since Cyberpunk 2077 is on the horizon, it's interesting to see if Cyberpunk will fall into this category or not.

What do you guys think, what make RPG friendly for non-RPG player? while at it maybe you can give another example of RPG games that suitable for non-RPG player

Edit: Thanks for lot of the insights and game suggestions, sorry if i forgot to mention (if you didn't notice) that i am more of a FPS gamer (FPS with guns to be exact) but please keep the suggestion so other member can look into it, heck, maybe i will try it because why not?

Edit 2: I have confident now for Cyberpunk 2077

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