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Runescape Player Falsely Banned without any Support! NDA’d Jagex won’t respond him!

Gamingtodaynews1f - Runescape Player Falsely Banned without any Support! NDA'd Jagex won't respond him!

TLDR at bottom.

Antimen is a player in oldschool runescape who played 10-30 accounts at the same time and often got falsely banned for doing so. This is not very uncommon on new accounts if you play multiple accounts at the same time. I am posting here because he got auto filtered (censored) from their subreddit and banned without an explanation.

They like to do ''Smackdowns'' on guilty cheaters when there is an appeal on their reddit and just doesn't reply if there is a false positive unless you are an influencer / streamer.

He got unbanned in 2018 after spamming the mods for 1.5 months with several frontpage reddit posts. The moderators are not allowed to admit their system is causing false positives.

First Time he got unbanned:

Tyran confirms reddit is not the approach to false bans (BEFORE NDA)

Unbanned after 2 reddit accounts, 2 twitter and 3 youtube videos.

A couple months later he got falsely banned on 3 out of 5 of his corp accounts, that's $660 a year playing a game from 2001.

He then made posts trying to get a response without any luck for months. They went as far as to censor him and autoflag any comment containing ''Antimen'' on reddit and ban his reddit account from the subreddit.

They dont want any attention on how false bans are reproducable on new osrs low level accounts especially when multilogging in a heavily botted area in the game.

Antimen is not the only victim, but Jagex went very far to censor him because he made videos and reddit threads through 2018-2019 documenting his journey with Jagex.


He got a response from Jagex before his videos got ''viral'' on reddit and unbanned through tweeting and reddit after 1.5 months.

His reddit account got banned and his twitter where he reached out for months.

You can also see how many times he reached out on twitter without any luck.

Another post mentioning Antim trying to get an answer on his false ban multilogging doing the same activity on multiple osrs accounts.

This is a discussion for awareness so he can get his customer support, this is how threads work on the runescape subreddits, but this is not possible due to the censor and bans they place if you mention him.

This is not Rule 6, this is explaining why this is posted on this subreddit and not the OSRS subreddit.


They love ''smacking down'' guilty players, but won't respond to victims of false detection positives which is very unhealthy for the game. They unbanned him in the past before his reddit threads got big. They are not responding him, likely got the moderators under NDA's.They remove any thread on their subreddit discussing this player and are banning users, filtering his name without a reason.

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