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hello trying again to share my sad storys on mmos. I have plenty. the launch of wotlk I got a semi decent pc. bought warcraft and the dlc. joined a server soloed for about a week then this random person asks me for help so I do come to find out it's a female character. me being growing yo. I'm getting all excited hoping it's a girl in life life close to my age. she starts asking me if I'm new etc so we talk for hours in a party both just going solo then she asks me if I'm social enough to be in a guild. now I'm not new to mmos I know the lingo so I say sure I can talk to people. I join her guild find out she's really female. score! I think nope she's married and 25 meet her husband he's freaking cool I think. we all become good friends for years two more dlc come by were still hanging out. one day some guy sends me a random messege. I think nothing of it do I reply he asks me if I'm good friends with her. why yes the best I tell him he calls her a cheating blank of a woman now I'm instant protect my friend mode and start cussing and carrying on then this guy asks if he can send me proof. now I'm thinking I'm gonna get my account hacked opening up a random email. so I make a fake email just in case on the spot. there's a pic of her character and the guys character she's saying omg yes blank my blank big boy. then other stuff like my husband is too small I can't wait to meet you in real life I need a big blank I'm thinking this is a sick joke.. ask for more proof he sends a pic of her no one should have but her husband. naked with a toy in her. at this point I'm in tears as I have known these two for two dlcs now… knowing it will all fall apart I say thank you to the guy.. I play with them for a week acting like I dunno nothing then she's talking about a trip to visit her family I'm like.. I know better. I decide to do the right thing I send her husband the photos with my fake email. they both logged off that that day I'm all happy I may have saved a marriage. nope after not seeing them for two weeks I start asking around apparently he shot her. he's in prison and she's dead this caused me a severe mental breakdown. I can't remember the server or the characters names or even mine. but I remember the incident. last i recall was freaking out and being in the hospital for awhile. would prefer to forget the while thing honestly. really messed me up. and I got plenty more storys on mmos. started everquest after I got out of the hospital hoping no more drama or death. boy I was wrong.


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