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Scott Petty’s Final response to TBS criticism from Post Mortem Thread

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Taken from the Polycount Thread, where I was attacked by multiple members from TBS, in a coordinated company damage control effort stemming from my original Post Mortem thread explaining some shady business practices done on behalf of TBS President Steve Piggot to myself, and various other team members. This is my final response on this. Thanks to all your initial replys, I actually had someone donate $20, It was the most I ever saw from working on this game.

“Some truth, some half truths, some false statements, and alot of lies. I still defend myself and stand by my original post and felt this story needed to be told. There are two sides to every story, this is my final response.

First, in regards for your art team feeling bad. Keep in mind I did do all the initial level design, art, and lighting that was showcased at trade shows and public screenshots on the levels I created. Redoing my assets, slightly modifying my layouts, and changing the skybox does not mean I did not participate in the majority of things I listed as doing, or gives you the right to say you did more work than I did on maps I made from scratch and got far along enough to showcase. I gave credit to TBS for contributing in the creation of the levels. The response by the public is that some actually prefer my version over the final released. This shows how far along they were, despite being in alpha, they were polished enough to showcase at trade conventions and gaming sites and offer high visual fidelity. And more importantly, good enough to catch your guys eye and want to join the project right? Exactly.

Also, putting final shots in your portfolio is industry standard, as long as credit is given. I gave credit, more credit than TBS gave me, and made it clear TBS worked on said levels. Some more than others depending on what was done to them. I also put the assets I worked on, around half of them anyways, there is a ton I left off my portfolio, to show specifically which assets were mine. And there were many. In every screenshot on my portfolio, there is my art used in the scene. Yet you try to attack me still for taking full credit on full release maps in the game because of that? Sorry you feel that way, but I never claimed that.

Lastly, saying I created Siege AFTER being let go is just a straight lie, im guessing said to make me look bad just because the map wasnt used in its current form, and was transitioned into the ice map update post release with the beach landing (that also used my assets). The truth is, the map was made while I was very much on the team, I reviewed it with Steve regularly, and the textures shown in the screenshots are used in your own custom maps that you promoted to official maps, which means the level was submitted you just did not use it for various reasons of in completion. You guys even used the scripting I did for the ships firing catapults to put in the standard catapults. Blatant lies like this really rub me wrong, but perhaps your information is incorrect and Steve just lied to you.

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Not much to say here, kind of surprised he was used as a weapon against me, but who else? I was friends with Ryan and he is the last person im going to drag into this, he doesn’t deserve it no matter how much Steve requires it from him or told him what to write, which is usually how that goes. I even worked with him on other side projects post me leaving, I guess because im such a shitty developer with alcohol and social problems he works with me again on a project right after voting me off. Is that how this works?

Honestly the only drunken interaction I remember is with Ryan telling me what a egotistic pain the ass Steve had become to work with, and how pissed he was he still has to work with him now that Chivalry was out. When asked about the level design or art team, Ryan didnt even really know there names or who they were, he just said he didnt like them telling him how to do his job. Ryan minds his own business and stays away from decision making, he didnt even know I was off the team until I told him a year later. He logs on, does his work, and logs off. Also, I hope your family is doing well from when we last spoke.


Which brings me to my issue and it lies solely with..


So I still stand by what I said 100%. Spin it any way you like, this talk about my work being not of quality or that I was a negative drunk is such rubbish. This is all a rouse to protect yourself from your decision to not let me back on the team, for what I firmly believe now were nefarious reasons. You know damn well how critical of a role I played in getting you where you are, especially at the start which is always the hardest part. Any concerns there was about not putting in hours, I firmly addressed with you and ensured I would go back to slave labor.

You said you had my back, you wanted me back on, that somehow this will get worked out with a team vote. Than a few days later suddenly im a psychopath anti social negative drunk who produces shit work and needs to be let go? I dont buy it. But you can get the original members, who made a small fortune, are in debt to you, and dont really know much about this situation to come make statements on your behalf. I already reached out to the core members I trusted, and not one of them was aware of any sort of team vote against me rejoining and always wondered what happened to me. One day I was there, the next I was gone. I know how much you would have preferred to just let this one stay swept under the rug, but you pushed it by forking others over as well.


I was contacted years after and spoke to Daniel Moore, who now works at Blizzard as an animator, and explained he was let go to a strange team vote and was told he was not needed anymore months leading to release, and he only had terrible things to say about you Steve, I quote “I would never work with Steve again no matter how much he paid me” and he also mentioned others who were mysteriously let go right before release losing everything. Why would you continue to use there assets after terminating them if they were so useless? I already know that Richard Yang reviewed and submitted all of Daniel’s animations to SVN, as he was tech. animator and that was his job, which makes sense that SVN would show Daniel’s work submitted in Richards name and not his own. So nice try using that as a way to discredit his work.

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Daniel worked on Chivalry as an active member for over TWO YEARS, he used his own money to allow you to trademark your company, to fly and promote your trade shows, you didnt even fully pay him back in the interest you owed him it was in Canadian dollars. This is a guy who was constantly showing playblasts of combat animations and was always motivated in team meetings, always positive, and great to get along with. So it makes it hard to believe, that after all that time, he only produced 1% of the games animations as you now say, and he was such a bad animator he now works at Blizzard and previously Call of Duty. And what about the programmer who was let go at the same time who now works at Turtle Rock, he was just as confused as anyone as well to his team vote termination. Yet you had no problem using his code, including the ability to impale people into spikes in my Arena level. Did it even occur to you that maybe it would have been a nice gesture to even give me a CD Key to play the levels I helped create?

I have said my peace. Let the people decide what they want to believe. And any apology’s to the developers and artists who came after me or now work at TBS and are caught in the middle of this. I meant you no disrespect. And congrats on your success, im sure its well deserved. It pays to be a winner.

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