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SD’s Looking for an MMO #1

Gamingtodaynews1e - SD's Looking for an MMO #1

I don't know if this is frowned on in this subreddit or not, but I need help finding a new MMO, or at least a multiplayer game, that I can stick to for a prolonged period. I have a list of criteria and anything marked with an X is a must or must not, but I'll try to be flexible. Any input or inquiries are appreciated.


I'd appreciate anything high fantasy or high sci-fi. Especially if it allows for a plethora of abilities and things to do. I also wouldn't mind the overall impression of the graphics, provided the gameplay was good and I don't need a multi-thousand dollar setup.X


No one-click auto-attack.X I would appreciate something where you can't just sit in one place, unload everything or one thing every couple of seconds and be able to do well. I'd even settle for a 1 click 1 sword swing/bullet fired/bolt casted kind of thing.

Character Building

I'd like something open-ended and non-restrictive. I don't need a fancy UI where I can control my character's muscle tone, ancestry, and bust size, but when it comes to their capabilities I'd prefer to not be locked down to what I can or can't do in a one-dimensional system. I'd like an ala carte class system where I can acquire more skill lines in a variety of fields and specialties as I progress, or at the very least a few sub-skill lines where I can invest points in like one-handed weapon, crowd control, or heavy armor skill lines.

Game World

I don't need something that can handle 100 players at a time. I'd even settle for an instance-based kind of thing like Monster Hunter does. I would appreciate it if exploration were encouraged and rewarded, provided the quests themselves weren't too repetitive or grind-y.


Player to Player Interactions.

I don't need a highly intricate world where everything is by the players, for the players. I'd like it if you could just put out a "looking for team" thing where you could find some other players to tackle a dungeon or boss. As long as it's not so in your face to the point where you can date and marry other avatarsX I'm up for it.

Character Longevity.

I would like it if you could craft or purchase food items to give long-term boosts to your character, provided there's not some kind of hunger of thirst meter that kills or debuffs your character if you don't feed them something very particular every twenty minutes. Also, I have the habit of going through phases on what kind of games I'd like to play at the moment, so it would be nice if it didn't have to be where at one point I'm a king, I stop playing for a few months, then I come back and have to eat garbage and everyone cusses me when I log in.X


No subscriptions, not even if you can still play for free with limits.X I can go for B2P or F2P even with a cash shop, provided it doesn't lock you out of any necessities like the level-up threshold, points on the skill tree, or inventory space.

Game Longevity

I'd like it if the developers were always periodically adding new content, not just quest lines or areas but new weapons, classes, and (to a lesser extent) crafting recipes. I'd be okay with a DLC package kind of thing, provided I don't have to spend hundreds of dollars to keep up with the other players.X


I'd like crafting if it rewarded experimentation. But I would not enjoy a thing where I would have to invest more than half my time and gameplay in harvesting, processing, or assembling skills just to have to change out my gear every time I level up.X

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