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Just gave this game a shot on gamepass and I'm absolutely perplexed.

The adventuring, and the feeling of sailing around this gigantic beautiful ocean is incredible. Your spinning plates, in a fun way, by controlling your rudder direction, your mast height, your mast direction, keeping an eye out for loot, storms, islands that look promising, other ships and optionally singing sea shanties with a friend and its all so amazing feeling. Getting from A to B is actually interesting, and has some mechanical depth to learn/improve on! I saw the potential and was so excited to dive in!

My biggest positive note was that we finally have an adventure game that doesn't rely on waypoints! Everything you do is communicated through maps, journals and NPC instructions, which is fantastic. Even your compass is an item you have to hold in your hand. I feel like the writing and the gameplay compliment each other! I haven't felt this way since Morrowind! I feel like I'm actually the one exploring! Its a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stagnant genre where you largely stare at your HUD-compass to proceed and the writing and exploration are made by seperate teams who usually are at odds with each other.

Then you encounter other players.

Then you realize what a clunky directionless mess the PVP portion of this game is. The smallest ship isn't the fastest ship (what the fuck? even youtubers confirm this), so if you're in a small group you are absolutely done for. A faster better armed ship can harpoon to you, and you won't ever be able to get away. Then their players board your ship and endlessly kill you while you keep respawning over and over again. If your cannons are not facing their ship at your time of death, you are DOOMED to be spawn camped. Even if you do kill them, you have about 10 seconds to repair your ship and get away OR try to destroy their ship. Even if you do kill their entire crew and repel the invasion, they will just respawn on their ship and man their cannons and take down your mast, sink you or worse: camp you more. This means if they get the jump on you, or find your ship parked at a dock you are 100% forced to fight and nothing short of an absolute ridiculous outplay can save you. I have no idea how this is supposed to play out…


Imagine losing to an invader in dark souls and you respawn to see the same invader standing on your revival spot ready to kill you again, and you dont even respawn will full health. And the bonfire requires you repair it for 5 seconds standing still. And if you kill the invader he comes back in about 30 seconds with superior positioning too.

I'm not even going to go into how shallow and clunky every weapon feels because there isn't even anything to explain beyond this sentence. Theres 3 gun varieties and 1 sword, which are clunky, inaccurate and are generic short/medium/long range options.

What makes it worse is that they don't go over PVP whatsoever in the tutorial, and if I missed it they don't tell you how to find a tutorial about it.

The PVP is so bad I just uninstalled this game flat out after my second forced PVP encounter that just felt like crap. I even killed their crew a couple of times, but couldn't repair my ship, fix my mass, pull my anchor and get away in time. I'm so disappointed I think it gave me whiplash lol.

Does anyone enjoy this game for its PVP? Am I missing something? I'm playing on the game pass so its not a huge waste of money for me in any sense but WOW what is supposed to be enjoyable about this?

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