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Seconds from Silence – Alpha Testing Begins

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We are excited to announce the release of the first Pillar Alpha Testing Client for the Character Creation Pillar. This first Pillar Alpha Testing Client marks the beginning of Focused Alpha Testing for one of the Four Pillars that will form the basic elements of game play for Seconds from Silence. Alpha Testers can now download the first version of the First Pillar Alpha Testing Client and begin to provide feedback directly from the client to the Development Team responsible for the Character Creation in Seconds from Silence.

Members that were chosen through randomized selection or have earned access as a result of the Donation Rewards Program will now be able to download and login to the the First Pillar Alpha Testing Client. Here we go!

What to Expect

The initial phases of Alpha Testing in each of the Four Pillars of Development will be conducted in what is referred to as Focused Testing. We here at Abstract Era Entertainment are looking to receive feedback regarding specific elements during each week of Focused Testing. Every one to two weeks, each Pillar Alpha Client will be updated to contain a new set of elements for Alpha Testers to Test in order to provide feedback that is focused on a specific theme. These initial Focus Tests are extremely essential for each Pillar Team to direct the development of the Pillar’s assets in a manner that the majority of Alpha Testers agree with. Once enough feedback has been received for a version of the Pillar’s Alpha Client, the Pillar’s Development Team will push out the next version that will be focused on a different theme.

To better explain the process of Focus Testing consider the following example. During one week of Focused Testing, the Focus of the Test may be to have Testers only customize and provide feedback related to the Dwarven Race. This version of the Pillar Alpha Client will entirely revolve around the Dwarves, will contain Dwarven Models, Textures, Options for Customization, etc. We may discover that everyone loves the Dwarves and there is little change needed or in turn, our Character Creation Pillar Team may discover that just about all the Testers feel that the Skin Textures and Dwarven Models need improvements. The following week, the Alpha Client will be updated to Focus on the Angel Race while our Character Creation Pillar Team makes the adjustments to the Dwarven Race that were suggested through Alpha Tester feedback. This process will continue until all Races have had their turn in Focus Testing at which time General Alpha Testing phases will begin.


Alpha Client Access

Members of the Community that have been randomly selected or have earned access to Alpha Testing through our Donation Rewards Program can visit the Alpha Link in the Upper Right hand corner of the Seconds from Silence website to download and login to the first Pillar Alpha Testing Client. Upon visiting the Alpha page you should be presented with a button at the very top of the Alpha Page to download the First Pillar Alpha Testing Client Installer. The Installer will guide you through the installation of the Alpha Client and once you have installed the Alpha Client you will be able to begin Focus Testing. Alternatively you can click the link below to download the First Pillar Alpha Testing Client though do bare in mind that your account must have access to Alpha Testing in order to be able to login to the Client.

Benefits of being a Member of the Pillar Alpha Client Testing (P.A.C.T.)

  • Display a special “Alpha” In-Game Title.
  • Access to Subsection on the Forums for Alpha Testing Discussion.
  • Access to ALL Alpha Tests for the Pillar(s) of Development that you participate in testing.
  • Special Alpha Wolf Pet to accompany you on your journeys.

Did you get Selected for Testing?

If you were selected to participate in Alpha testing you should have received an email informing you that you were randomly selected. If you have not received an email please do not be too discouraged. It is our intention to increase the number of Alpha Testers through randomized selection once per month. Alternatively you may consider gaining access through our Donation Rewards Program as one of the Donation Rewards is access to participate in Alpha Testing one or more of the Four Pillars of Development. All donations help to make the development of Seconds from Silence possible and allow our Team to add even more exciting content to the game.

Alpha Testers have access to all updates for the Pillar of Development that they are participating in testing. This means that every one to two weeks when an Alpha Client is updated, Alpha Testers will be able to update their Client to continue testing. Once a Member of the Community becomes an Alpha Tester for a Pillar of Development, that Member will continue to be able to participate in Alpha Testing that Pillar until all Alpha Tests have concluded and Seconds from Silence is ready for launch.

Donations Help Development

If you did not get randomly selected to participate in Alpha Testing please consider earning access through our Donation Rewards Program. The more Donations we receive from the Community, the more content we will be able to add and the better that content will be. We all want Seconds from Silence to be one of the greatest games of our time and it is through community feedback and donations that this will be possible!

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