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Sekiro is the first soulslike I lost the reason to finish

Gamingtodaynews1b - Sekiro is the first soulslike I lost the reason to finish

I always feared fromsoftware would go down this path with how they created their games and funnily enough sekiro is what I thought blood borne would be when it first announced I was glad I was wrong as that was another classic.

It’s as if you took everything that made people gravitate towards dark souls and stripped it leaving only the surface level detail about it which is that it is hard.

I can actually commend this games combat for being a really unique and opening up new opportunities for engaging gameplay, it just that means nothing when everything in your game is to do with difficulty wether it’s making it easier or harder.

When I first heard about things like being able to come back to life, I thought it would be this interesting new way to tackle gameplay with a bunch of fun little details. Turns out it’s just easy switch to keep players from getting mad. Same thing with the prosthetics just baked in ways to cheese bosses with no actual fun or enjoyment to be derived from them.

I don’t want this to turn into a nioh vs sekiro so I’ll mention it briefly, but I recently got nioh 2 and have been amazed by how much more I love it than the first. It’s whole yokai system is exactly what I expected from sekiros brand new systems. Something with tons of depth and I can derive fun from it, changing my whole way of playing, not just blatant counters to boss attacks. It’s like if the yokai counter was all there was to niohs yokai system.

What value does sekiro have when the difficulty is gone? You don’t even have to ask this question when playing dark souls because there’s far more to the game than it’s difficulty. I’ve never played a game where it’s whole value relied upon its difficulty and i can kind’ve see why.


This is the question that made me just stop playing, I was at the isshin boss for awhile struggling for a bit until I just got tired of it. I realized that I was near the end of the game already and had derived very little joy from anything. Knowing that I’m going through the same loop as I did 10 other times ago and realizing there’s really nothing that awaits me just like the other times, just made me lose a reason to play. I think making your whole game reliant on how accomplished your player feels in their head as a reward is just foolish, as when I cleared bosses like the guardian ape and felt nothing where does that leave me? The same way I think it would be stupid for a games complete draw to be it’s reward. Balance exist for a reason.

Going back and replaying the game to maybe give me a clearer perspective by having the needed skill set didn’t help as it just made me realize even more there’s nothing fun to the game.

Other reasons I didn’t like it were the stealth being very lackluster as again all it really is, is a difficulty modifier, the story was just bad imo the lore was good, but none of the dialogue actually was memorable to me, and mediocre level design(which is a first for from)

All in all I consider dark souls an actual work of art by fromsoftware and sekiro just comes off as a game made by the elitist of the souls community in imitation. So fixated on difficulty that everything around it suffers. It feels more like a trophy than art.

I hope elden rings from what we saw captures what made dark souls a work of art and recognizes all of what made dark souls itself.

  • Side question slightly related but do you think a challenge can be boring?

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