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SHARE PLAY FAILURE that many people ask about and no answer has ever been provided

Gamingtodaynews1f - SHARE PLAY FAILURE that many people ask about and no answer has ever been provided

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The plainest explanation: One side can host Share Play, the other side cannot host share play.

The problem basically works out like this… people use Share Play, me included. I would Share Play games with my friend just to do something while we talk, solve puzzle games together or whatever… then one day one person –

FOR CLARITY – ONE PERSON stops being able to host the share play. For me that person is me… I can connect to my friend, no problem, nothing changed – just one day it stopped working. For me, it was when Hitman came out on PS+ for free, I downloaded it and went to Share Play and couldn't. Now in Hitman's case or as the current case with The Witness which we also got off PS+ for free, the problem isn't a big deal since we both have access to those games anyway, it's just a way to play together… however this IS an issue.

It's an issue that many people have, many people have frustratingly asked about at Playstation forums, on Reddit, on NeoGaf and elsewhere… there is NO solution, there is NO support, there is NO response by Sony and the support gotten from phone calls to Sony and support gotten from ISPs is just both sides finger pointing at the other.

As far as user solutions – as helpful as they are intended are entirely useless… I'll direct you this post here where a particularly frustrated user outlined the many many many MANY MANY suggestions on how they might fix this problem.

*"#1 upgrade my hdd. It was 500gb, now its 1tb.

2 port forwarding. The tech sent me an email of all the ports for the ps4 that i needed to input. I called netgear and they kindly helped me with that.

3 dmz setting. Its on now, it was not checked before.

4 google dns. Tried that, made connection drop.

5 static ip. Tried that, nothing changed.

6 tech was amazed! Never heard of an issue like this; he hung up on me because he couldnt find anyone else on the forum with this issue.

7 tech told me to call my isp and demand that they check if the UPnP network was working on my end…. I called isp, they told me to call netgear. I called netgear, they had me open my router settings and check if UPnP was checked. It was, tech said all is good.

8 safe mode and initialize my console. I did that, spent 3 hours waiting for everything to get back in order.

9 tech "suggested" to me that i might running on nat 3. I have been running on nat 2 the whole time. I even switched it to nat 1… Didnt solve it.

10 tech "suggested" i stop running it on wifi (i dont run my ps4 on wifi, always through ethernet). I did try to experiment to see both options… Nothing.

11 safe mode and rebuild database.. Nothing

12 tech suggested my parental controls were on… I never put it on.

13 tech suggested the resolution might be a problem. I changed the settings from high to standard… Nothing

And finally

14 tech told me my interent was unstable, i needed to check that all the wires are connected properly…. To be honest, i found out someone was stealing service from me with a splitter connected from the tap!… That situation was checked and fixed, but it didnt solve my main problem… :-("


People have spent money on new modems, spent money upgrading their internet speed and spent gas money traveling to other people's houses to test with their networking equipment. I have done ALL of these things, I have done ALL of the things listed. Nothing works, nobody actually has an answer – nobody. Sony is basically has no online presence when it comes to responding to this issue – it's ALL completely well intentioned and USELESS answers for this issue for what has now become YEARS apparently – although the issue for me has only cropped up 6 months ago… but archived back through MULTIPLE playstation updates spanning at least 2 years to as recently as right this fucking second as I post this.



We demand answers, we need an official response – or we need a solution. We don't want to hear any of these suggestions anymore, we don't want to hear about upgrading our internet speed – that's not the problem. We don't want to hear about DMZ and Gateways and DNS bullshit, we've done it. We don't want to hear about Port Forwarding, the fucking ports are open.

Please community, please Sony – this isn't an isolated incident. It's slipped through the cracks of MANY updates. Address this, please. I'm not always playing an online game, I'm not always in love with the PS+ options every month… which means EVERY SINGLE TIME I can't host Share Play is another chance that I wasted that month's subscription to PS+… and I haven't been able to host it for half a year. Thanks.

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