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Should a Game Critique play every game in a series to have a better idea of the specific title their critiquing?

Gamingtodaynews1g - Should a Game Critique play every game in a series to have a better idea of the specific title their critiquing?

The reason I ask this is because I notice that a lot of long form video game critiques on YouTube reference very specific mechanics, story plot points, or small details about previous or future entries in the series in comparison to the game being discussed. This comparison aspect is especially true for any remasters, which by their very nature are going to invite comparison to the original. I also specifically am referring to channels more on the critique/analysis side of things, rather than a short 10 – 12 minute review of a game. I'm asking because I'm considering starting my own YouTube channel like this, and I'm not sure how much of a game series I should necessarily dive into if I wanna talk in depth about just one entry.

Lemme give an example. I just completed a play through of Black Mesa, a fan made remake of the original Half Life that was so good that Valve green lite the project. If I wanna talk more in depth about that game, should I have to also play the original Half Life? Should I go even further and play Half Life 2 and maybe even Alyx. Not to say I don't wanna play these games or that I have any qualms about going back to play older games, but the thought has given me some trouble when considering larger game franchises.


What if I wanna talk about the latest Zelda game when that releases? The highly anticipated sequel to Breath of the Wild. I have played Breath of the Wild extensively, but other than it and a few other entries, (Links Awakening switch, NES Zelda, Link to the Past, and Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity) I haven't had any experience with most of the other entries in the franchise. But to be a, "legit" critique person, is it my responsibility to play all of the games in the entire Zelda franchise before Breath of the Wild 2? Maybe just the other 3d entries since it'll be a 3d Zelda game after all? But if this is all for a YouTube channel and I wanna have any hope of putting out videos on at least a somewhat regular basis, I don't think I can get myself through so many different games just for the sake of one video.

I find myself questing the same thing in regards to other big game series as well. Final Fantasy and Yakuza for example. I would love to analyze the latest Hitman game, Hitman 3, but to truly go in depth with that game, should I also be expected to have played the first two games? Part of me certainly wouldn't mind that if I had more free time. I mean it's getting to play more video games right? But I don't wanna spend 3 years on one video. I also don't have a lot of free time to play games, since I'm a full time collage student and work part time as well.

I really wanna start and try this game critique YouTube thing in my free time. I have a lot of ideas on ways I could put my own spin on those kinds of long form videos that's different from what everyone else is doing. But I still wanna be informative and give the best analysis I can to each game I play. I'm just not sure what my policy should be with this, anyone have any ideas?

(Btw if you made it this far thanks so much for reading, your the best)

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