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Shower Thought: Gear grind/Gearscore is what’s killing MMORPG’s.

Gamingtodaynews1f - Shower Thought: Gear grind/Gearscore is what's killing MMORPG's.

This has been something weighing on my mind for a very long time.

At first I thought I was the only one getting fed up with MMO's, they all started to mesh together in this never ending grind fest to achieve a pointless goal of mediocrity where everyone looks the same and is waiting for the next content drip to drop. This wasn't a journey, or an adventure, I was just going zone to zone upping my stats little by little as I grabbed the next fancy hat from the next quest or dungeon.

I got fed up with it, and you know what did it?

Gear grinding.

Now gear/stats are obviously a core part of MMO's/RPG's in general, but looking at WoW and everything following in it's footsteps really pressed this concept of "carrot on a stick" gear grinding. My issue is that the loot grind is all there is! You don't have any sense of purpose in these MMO's outside of grinding away for that sweet little boost to your stats. You do it day after day after day with no real goal towards a plot, or story, or even your character. It just becomes a mindless task to reach the peak. Your level means absolutely jack! Being level 80 means diddly damn unless you're wearing the shiniest of trousers!

People may disagree with me but why else are you here? Is it because you burned out? Nothing else to achieve? Could it be that your mind is finally realizing that you're not being productive within your game? And that you can smell the same bare bones game patterns before you even see the website of the next big MMO?

I realized that I wasn't playing an RPG, hell the stories in 90% of these MMO's isn't even worth a glance these days. I wasn't doing it for my character, as he's just another drone like everyone else's character who will eventually be wearing the same top tier gear set like everyone else.

Cultivate the character, remove the burnout!

MMO's should be you, your character, and the players around you growing as a community. The fact that all your stats belong to what trousers you wear defeats the purpose! Why not have your character grow instead? Why not have your hard work and time you put into your character be reflected in…you know…your actual character? Maybe even have the ability to look at a piece of gear and wear it solely because you like how it looks?


Gear should always have a place, but they should be secondary to the core aspect that is the person wearing the gear! Wasting away trying to min-max your red or green sweater vests should not be what the game is about!

The side effect? Players stand out! You can recognize people! You can focus on actually improving yourself and then seeing that improvement when you work together! When you see that guy with really high stats you know he didn't just min/max that Gear Set sitting in front of the "Stat re-roller", he made his character that strong through the time he put into training his stats and skills!

It opens up different opportunities and ways to play differently, not just mindlessly toiling for that next Epic drop!

All these MMO's are the damn same in this regard and it drives me personally nuts! No innovation, no attempt to go beyond the same thing, that is, Destiny, WoW, SWTOR, Anthem, ESO, GW2, you just go on, and on, til you hit end-game and there's no more loot! Then everyone twiddles their fingers wondering what else to do!

At least with a character driven progression you can always add new abilities, new ways to grow, new ways to toughen the enemies. Organic means of adding content to give incentive to progress! Emphasis on making your character the focus not the shit he/she's wearing.

TLDR: Really I'm just tired of hearing about a new MMO, going to the website, seeing the same arbitrary classes, that all do the same damn thing as the last MMO I played, where I'll just follow the trail of bread crumbs to the nearest foe that will give me my next set of clothes. Rinse this and repeat as I walk through a lifeless landscape, where everyone either looks the god damn same, or just won't talk at all because we're all just mind-numbingly doing the same damn thing.

And it's all because the core framework of these kinds of MMO's is the damn Gear Grind!

I just needed to get this off my chest, and probably will see that I could have reworded most of this to better convey my thoughts later on.

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