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Silkroad Online – 2020 Overview

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So after not playing since way back when European characters were only just added and you'd spend more time tactically pressing enter in the hopes you'd log in to the game before having to restart (it's a MMO meme at this point), I've come back to this nostalgic gem to see what I would find (and I was surprised). To save anyone looking to get back into the game a few days of slogging through private servers and retail and Elitepvpers information, here it is, all in one place.

TL;DR – Active Private Server Links & Overview at the Bottom

Overall returning impression:

  • Trade runs, job wars, CTF and Fortress Wars are still probably the most fun I've ever had in an MMO. (With the exception of flying on a broom in Flyff for the first time).
  • Grinding is oddly enjoyable, but it still unbearable on retail and most 1x rate private servers.
  • The game holds up alright compared to modern free MMOs. Combining "classes" in a way you want is definitely enjoyable and a big selling point to me who can never seem to pick one thing.

Retail (International Silkroad & Silkroad R):

  • 11 iSro servers (EU&US). 1x China character only server (Xian). Varying level caps 130 – 140.
  • 1 Sro-R server (EU). Slightly higher xp & sp rates.
  • Servers full almost 24/7, but at least there is a queue now…
  • Still an absolute grind fest.
  • Botting is pretty much the norm, as well as running multiple instances of the game at once.
  • Still borderline pay 2 play / pay 2 win. (It always will be tbh).

Private Servers: (List of active ones as of 26/02/20 at the bottom)

  • Surprising number of them, with many being surprisingly active! (I'd say around 15k-20k active players across all the major ones I've found).
  • Each one varies hugely, as the Silkroad community never really decided what it wanted from the game (other than Job war).
  • Most have a life cycle of about 8 months to 1 year before a new one opens and people migrate.
  • Many have hyper-inflated rates (100x – 300x SP/XP) or start you at max level. These typically have the most custom skills/items/events etc. Made so you can get stuck in real fast. Bots still used, and often endorsed, but not as common as retail.
  • Some have slightly inflated rates (x5 – x30 SP/XP). These servers I found to be the most "nostalgia" like, but give you a few helping hands like some free SoS / +6 items, 1 million starting SP so you can focus on XP grinding, 1 million starting gold. Often have rules against botting.
  • A few are super nostalgia style, with 1x – 2x rates and just a few items to help you out a little. Tend to have tight-knit communities. Often have rules against botting.

Active private servers I have found (I am promoting):


If anyone else feels I've missed any servers of note from the list, feel free to comment with the server info and player count.

In all honesty, I'm shocked this still has such a huge player base all things considered. Have other MMOs really not hit the same mark, or are we just homesick haha?

Word has it that Ashes of Creation will have a similar job system to SRO, so let's hope that it actually comes out and we can relive the nostalgia (without Joymax haha).

PEACE! *continues grinding*

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