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For all the players out there that use to love how the game was back in the old days, look no further. Experience Silkroad Online in it's original form.

Website :

Discord :

In this long-term project you get to experience once again how it was back in the day where RL-currency had no place. That's right, because this is the era where a lot of farming took place instead, and the rewarding feeling was on a whole other level. The intention of this project is to offer a place to experience the very first job system, while exploring the old game mechanics and bring back the true nostalgia!

It runs the old files which took place back in the earliest stage of the game, and therefore using the settings straight from the original client where all rates are unchanged.

• Cap : 60

• Races : CH

• Mastery : 300

• Experience : unchanged

• Skill Points : unchanged

• Item Drop : unchanged

• Gold Drop : unchanged

• Giant Spawn : unchanged

• No Bots

• No Donation

• No Snow Shield

• No Payment-Advantages

• Fair and equal gameplay for everyone!

• Game-currency keeps it's true value here.

• Currently building up it's reputation & population.

Silk System


There are no donations for real money here. Players can buy silk through gold at the Grocery NPC of each town. Additionally players will gain 2 silk each day, starting with the day of first login to the account. Players do not need to be online to get the 2 silk each day. Everything purchased from Silk Store is account-bound.


To ensure a friendly and mature gaming environment, the account registration has been restricted to phone verified discord users. This is the only way to keep toxic people out of the game.

Message NGE directly on Discord to get your Private Key. The time upon receiving this key varies, so be patient. This will also unlock more channels aswell.

Once you've obtained the key, simply visit the website, enter the key at the registration page.

Notes: – A Private Key can be used to register up to 6 accounts. – Only one Private Key per Discord user. – Do not share your Private Key with anyone. It is also used to change the Account password. – A game rule abuse on one accounts lead to the punishment of all accounts registered with this Private Key.

Personal Preference

I've been playing on many servers over the years, and i can give you my honest opinion, this is the real deal without question. Knowing that everyone you see have made an attempt and long effort to the point of where they stand today. No Credit Card exists in this lovely world, only your skills does. So if you're missing that old type experience, don't doubt. Join us now and have a good time! (You won't regret it)

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