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Skyrim is one of the most disappointing game I have ever played

Gamingtodaynews1e - Skyrim is one of the most disappointing game I have ever played

It’s not the worst, but I expected way more from a game with this much praise, but I got nothing, it’s was kinda fun messing around but it’s doesn’t deserve the praise it gets imo.

I think its safe to say that the selling point(s) or the highlights of Skyrim come from exploration, immersion and the huge amount of side quests, but the thing is, all of those are badly done.

side quest

They all boil down to “go there and kill this” or “go there and get me that” with almost no reason or incentive for YOU to do so. Basically a huge chuck of the side quests EVEN The MAIN QUESTS are boring fetch quests.


is not rewarding at all. when you explore you can find caves,dwemer ruins etc and they are all copy and pasted from each other, and extremely formulaic that they become repetitive really fast, they all look the same and their layout is extremely linear and they are all filled with the badly thought out puzzles a 9 year old can solve and filled with the same enemies and useless loot, that you can find anywhere in the world, exploring the world doesn’t feel special or interesting because it’s always the same after a couple of hours.

The characters

oh god the characters are the most flat and one dimenotional characters i have seen in a AAA game. None if them have any charm they feel like cardboard cutouts and with how easy it is to break this game doesnt help at all.

The AI

the AI in this game it the most broken AI i have seen, characters can keep walking at a wall while looking at you, they can stand at the doorway and prevent you from going it or going out, if you just crouch you literally become invincible, you commit crimes in front of them and they ignore it, and it’s so immersion breaking.

The combat

is just clunky, spammy, the hitboxes are weird, the block detection is off and becomes boring REAL QUICK. When you become strong you literally you become a GOD which sucked any enjoyment left i had with the combat

The writing

is the worst thing about this game, it’s like they put zero effort into it, the quests are fetch quests, the dialogue feels like robots are speaking, the story is the rise of a hero story but done really badly by telling you are the hero not even two hours in the game, it’s a rpg, but there is no choices, and any thing you do doesn’t affect the world in anyway, you can become a literal evil demigod and they will treat you like a homeless person, you can literally save the world and someone will treat you like you just some nobody.


The dragons fights

were the most disappointing thing about this game, when i heard that I could fight dragons i expected dragons, not a glitching fire breathing ostrich that drops down, receives two hits and then flies away, rinse and repeat until it dies, And the final boss was literally the same as any other dragon fight which made it even more disappointing and so forgettable.

the RPG elements

most of the times the only choices you have is either yes or yes, and there was so many times a choice couldve been easily be given to you but they didn’t like the parathurnax situation, they could’ve easily gave you a choice whether to kill or spare him but they didn’t. The speech tree is almost useless, and there is absolutely no consequences for your actions.

gamebreaking glitches

they are everywhere, i had to restart my save because the game decided to autosave when i got stuck on the floor and had to restart my whole save again. Which makes me wonder why did Fallout 76 get shitted on for having the glitches and bugs but Skyrim gets a free pass?and is praised as this legendary game? I am not saying fallout 76 is better, that game is absolute trash.

Which after all of this, makes me wonder what am i missing? Am i not seeing something? A see a ton of people call this game one of the best games of all time, but i am not seeing anything in this game that would even come close to earning that title. The only redeeming quality in this game is the amount of stuff you can do, and the freedom it gives you, that is it.

The story, the charecters, the exploration, the gameplay, the writing, the immersion, the RPG Elements and the side quests…. nothing in this game deserves it, which makes me feel like i am missing something huge, like a elephant in the middle of the room is right In from of me but I can’t see it.

It not good as a video game, its not good as a RPG and its not good as a story driven game, so what is it good at?

Tell me your opinions and what do you think about skyrim? And what might i have been missing?

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