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So I did the math! (P2W overview / Discussion)

Gamingtodaynews1f - So I did the math! (P2W overview / Discussion)

So I got a little bored and was thinking about p2w and some of the games on the market.

I've been playing MMORPGs since BC wow as my main genre of games. I have tried out most of the mmos that have come out since around 2008.

I have watched the evolution of mmos, games in general and ofc payment models.

Off the bat, I play BDO, get the downvotes out of the way now. I've played the game a lot over the past 4 years and have seen all the iterations of the cash shop. One thing always gets me when I see people talk about how p2w BDO is, I just dont think they understand how it really works.

We all know about BDOs long list of one time purchase items (pets, weight, tent, maids, costumes, inventory) assuming you do your homework and know what you want to play or just wait to invest into a character. Your cost for these items will average you about 200$ which is a fairly steep entry fee. However a lot of these items can be obtained through game play these days.

Back on topic, I decided to crunch the numbers for everyone who wanted to know / thinks its easy to p2w in BDO.

A couple of things first, you can only sell a max of 35 pearl items on the market per week if your family fame is high enough. (Family fame is obtained by overall knowledge of npcs in the world, character levels, and life skill levels across all characters aka playing the game).

Assuming there is always a sale on costumes, and that you spend enough to max out your 35 items a week. You will spend about 900$ a week to gain 11.725 billion. Let's use these numbers to calculate how much money it will cost to buy full PEN weapons, armor and accessories off the market.

Now these numbers are an average of market prices on NA and assuming you can always get sales on costumes. Real number probably higher. This does not also reflect people buying costumes to melt down to get more enhancement chances. The problem with this is you need the fail stacks which need to be obtained through playing the game… this also doesn't count for accessories… the problem with "protecting" accessories is that they have a 30% chance to downgrade. So you can quickly move backwords. These numbers only account for someone just swiping for everything.

First things first, according to NA market values you can expect to need this amount of in game silver.


Weps/ armor ~ 20 billion (6 total slots) Blackstar Mainhand ~ 100 billion

Accessories depend on slot and item ( i have under estimated some of these to give credit to the whales out there)

Rings ~ 50 billion Ear ~ 150 billion (current BiS prices) Belt ~ 50 billion Neck ~ 100 billion

Total cost in silver 790 billion

790 / 11.725 (weekly silver cap) = 67.3 weeks 67 (weeks) x 900 (aprox costume cost) = 60.3 k

So it will cost you 60,300$ over 67 weeks to buy full BiS in BDO.

You will still need to level your character to at least 60 and get a decent amount of skill points in order to be useful. As absolutely fast as possible I would estimate ~25 hours of playtime to get most of what you will need.

My problem with people calling BDO p2w is that I don't think they understand how it works. Let's take a game like wow for instance, even though you can only buy BoE items off the market, there is no cap to the number of wow tokens I can buy (to my knowledge, please correct me if wrong). However, I can use tokens to get as much in game gold as it would take for a guild to run me through the content for BiS.

Now as previously established by many users on this sub, just having the gear doesn't mean you will be good. Although if p2w is a player paying money to gain more power, both games suffer in my opinion.

The issue with the p2w argument is everyone's win state is different. For someone who just wants all the characters max level, then level boosts are p2w because it's a money to advantage item. For people who just want to work the market, server transfers are p2w because you can take cheaper items to a more expensive server to maximize gold gain.

Personal game preferences aside, I think most if not all the mmos on the market suffer from these types of transactions. We as players need to remember this important fact. As long as players keep spending we won't see an end to this. VOTE WITH YOUR WALLET.

But most importantly I honestly hope that everyone can find or has found an mmo they can call home. As long as your happy as a player, I for one am happy for you.


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