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So I had an idea for BOTW2. It seems pretty popular so far, and I wanted to know what uou guys thought

Gamingtodaynews1b - So I had an idea for BOTW2. It seems pretty popular so far, and I wanted to know what uou guys thought

Okay, hear me out . . .

Imagine this for BOTW2, a malice imitation of Link, reveals itself, early in the game. To start with it's a staggering mess, easily defeated. But as you explore, it follows. It watches. It learns. Not just from Link, but from the player. It may be encountered multiple times, the battle never resulting in a fatality for either side. It returns for a proper rematch about halfway into the game. It no longer staggers, and knows it's way around a number of weapons. It fights with great skill, matching that of the player. It is a challenge but it is again defeated.

It then disappears for the most part. Glimpses are seen of it, and signs that it's still in the world somewhere.

The player reaches the final boss. They approach the doorway. Link stops.

"Heh. Figures you'd sense my presence."

The imitation steps out from the shadows behind a nearby pillar, sword in hand, a dark replica of the master sword.

Link draws his own weapon.

The imitation speaks again, "I'm not here to fight you. I've followed in your footsteps since I was created. That was my purpose. To surpass you. No, I won't fight you here. I am here to issue my challenge to you. A duel. Just us and our blades."

Link remains silent.

"Finish your quest. I no longer care to stop you."

Malice Link sheaths his blade and slowly walks past Link towards the exit.

"I'll wait for you. You know where to find me. Then we will decide who will have the right to existence."

He leaves, closing the door behind him. Link remembers to breathe and prepares to face the final boss.

Later, having restored peace once again, Link returns to the place this adventure began. There is no longer any signs of life, and it seems quieter then the first time.

Upon reaching the first boss chamber, Link finds Malice Link practicing.

"So you came . . ."

Link remains silent.

"Pragmatic as always I see. No doubt you already know how this is going to work."

The door closes behind Link. They are locked in the room together. The player hears new boss music start playing.


"Well then, shall we?"

The fight begins. The player quickly learns that Malice Link has made imitations of Link's powers. He hits hard and the players attacks find difficulty connecting. Malice Link, the player discovers, is not merely an optional boss, but a superboss.

Eventually, Link and the player prevail. Malice Link, crude imitation that he was, lays on the floor, slowly dissipating into nothing.

"Heh. HA HA! Figures," he pauses to cough, "I doubted that I'd be able to beat you. After all the watching, the training, the learning, it still wasn't enough. I guess I'm just a cheap copy after all."

Link kneels down next to Malice Link. Showing silent empathy.

"You have a way with words you know. Heh heh," he coughs again, louder this time. "I guess I thought, if I could defeat you, I could become the real one. Prove that I'm not fake. To myself more than anyone I guess."

Link attempts to say something, but doesn't and looks away.

"It's okay, I don't expect you to be able to understand. It's not like you'll have to go through anything like this anyway."

They are both silent for a while.

"You know, in a way, I'm glad . . . Glad that I got to know what it feels like to live . . . Even if it was as I was dying . . ."

Link gives a questioning look.

"Your compassion is what let me have that . . ."

It seems like he has more to say, but he doesn't. Link seems to understand. The last of the malice dissipates, leaving nothing but a small puddle of water.

Link stands, and leaves, the camera showing a small plant growing between the cracks in the floor, with a single ray of golden sunlight shining down on it. The scene fades to black and the title appears before returning the player to the entrance and allowing gameplay to continue.

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