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So I know comparisons have been frequently made between Sekiro and Ghost of Tsushima, but I’d like to hear this community’s opinions on who prefers which?

Gamingtodaynews1g - So I know comparisons have been frequently made between Sekiro and Ghost of Tsushima, but I'd like to hear this community's opinions on who prefers which?

For me, Sekiro wins any day. I know Ghost of Tsushima probably wins in terms of story but Sekiro wins combat hands down. It's so different from the other Souls games it doesn't ever feel unfair or punishing to me and the boss battles are just so cinematic and elegantly beautiful it affords a greater overall experience for me personally than Ghost of Tsushima does because the combat makes that much of a difference for me. I did make a poll about this on another sub so if you want to vote there, I'd appreciate it but otherwise, just any general opinions on which you prefer all things considered. Like I'm not really looking for an objective answer explaining why each one would be better for any particular gamer, would prefer some straight-up opinions on which game you LIKE more.

Strangely enough I never found Sekiro to be harder than any other games like even Far Cry for example or Spider-Man PS4. I'm not flexing at all as I have no problem in admitting I got crushed and intensely frustrated playing both Bloodborne and the first Dark Souls so much that I did not finish Bloodborne at all. For Dark Souls one on Xbox 360 I used that dragon head glitch to even the odds and I really enjoyed the experience without the unreasonably punishing difficulty. The world design in Dark Souls is over well-done. Seeing Ash Lake for the first time is something I'll never forget honestly.


With Sekiro it's totally different. Every single boss fight is FAIR as fuck. There has never been a time throughout the entire game and throughout my entire 8 complete playthroughs or so where I thought that me dying was a bullshit and unfair thing. Every single time I died, I knew exactly why I died and what I had to do to not die the same way again. There is no boss that feels like utter bullshit besides ONE. Only one. Just one. Not two, not three, just one. I think everyone who played the game knows which boss I'm talking about. Yeah boiz, none other than the fucking Demon of Hatred. Fuck that guy. To be fair though he is an optional boss but I honestly don't care for that kind of combat. I like the emphasis on lightning-fast and elegant swordplay and parrying far far far more than the emphasis on rolling around the floor like a retard and smacking that booty till the cows come home. Every single other boss is so beautifully done. My personal favourite of the ENTIRE game would have to be Owl (Father). If you have a favourite boss from Sekiro I would love to hear your opinions.

I realise I haven't spoken much about Ghost of Tsushima. I love this game but compared to Sekiro, it's a very forgettable experience for me. And as a huge fan of open-world games, that's really saying something. The combat was my favourite thing about Ghost of Tsushima as well. It was very well done but one thing I thought about the stances is that it's too rigid. You can only use stances for specific enemy types and THAT'S IT. You can never use the water stance to fight a sword enemy with no shield no matter how badass the flurry move looks it will not damage an opponent with no shield. I felt that the game lacked creative freedom in this respect but that's not a criticism necessarily because that's how it was intended to be built. The boss fights never get as crazy or huge or dramatic as the ones in Sekiro and that's understandable.

All things considered, Sekiro is my favourite game of this generation. AC 2 was my favourite game of the last generation. I have tons of favourite games but if I absolutely had to pick a SINGLE favourite of each generation, it would be these two.

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