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So, should I give another shot at ESO/ Gw2 or move to FF14?

Gamingtodaynews1f - So, should I give another shot at ESO/ Gw2 or move to FF14?

Hello guys, regular question I know but I would like to share my personal situation…

Currently playing BDO, slightly, maybe 1hr per day at most since honestly even though I love the game, the fact that I feel I will never become competitive and the almost non existant party constant keep making me go away and come back every few weeks…

Now I may be able to get a small group of friends (3 or 4, counting with me) to join a game and I do not believe BDO would be a game we would enjoy together.

Two of us already played Gw2, for me though, well I like the game and played for a few months but honestly it lost a lot of interested as I understood there is nothing to grind for, after you complete your map and level your toon you only grind for cosmetics or a 5% boost that you cannot even notice.. Also I do not like fractals and the only aspect of endgame I enjoyed was honestly the Zergs.

Regarding ESO I tried it I think 2 or 3 times amounting to as much as…. Maybe 60 or 70 hours only, way less than Gw2 which I played for a few months split in two times. I love the concept, races, the world art, their videos, all of that, even read parts of the story and all but… The combat.. I don't know well, sometimes you are not even sure if you are hitting something… It's weird. I would give it a shot but only if I do not have anything else that sparks my interest.

Then it comes FF14…

I have been reading a bunch and I guess there will be a gigantic grind on the questing right? Honestly that is kinda OK for me if the game clicks for me.


The PVE aspect seems nice and all but what about solo content? And by that I mean the potential for one to also login and chill for a few hours solo doing a few mobs that actually give decent loots? Well like in Lineage, BDO and the sorts…

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Also, I believe there is a way to skip the boring quests if one does not like the story or smth, is that true? And I mean while still having these "completed".

Regarding PvP, non existant right?

Last question, regarding gear progression… One of the things if not the only one that threw me off of Gw2 and also contributed on me never giving a real chance to ESO is the Gear scaling there… Everything seems super easy and it seems like everyone simply have the same gear and 5 sets of top gear on every one of their 30 toons because everything is super accessible.. You do not need to enchant, it is easily bought as money stands for nothing there…

Well I really like to work towards being shiny and I like to actually be able to one shot mobs that are lower if I am super well equipped… Be able to help my lower buddies if I have grinded my ass off.

I would really like if this is the case and there is some real gear grind (character grind also) and also that trades are actually opened and thus we can actually help each other, that is what we are looking for.

Thank you In advance and sorry for spelling errors but I am writing on my phone and it's a mess.

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