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Software With feature of MMO Mouse Keyboards – Legit Macros

Gamingtodaynews1f - Software With feature of MMO Mouse Keyboards - Legit Macros

Hello. I know that 'macroing' isn't praised by everyone.

But I created software some time ago with a feature, the main layout actually, that mimics what a mmo designed mouse or keyboard can do, without needing the extra keys in which the hardware's software uses to create macros (Which are legit as far as I know in almost all games)

Though I don't advice using it unless you're aware that it can be abused like anything (A hardware device/home-made robot that is programmed to hit your keyboard- playing your game- for example )

And that generally people who are jelly or something will try and report you, which isn't good.

But, anyway, the software isn't designed specifically for gaming, though it has this feature, so I'm posting a small advert here, maybe it may be of use to some people. It's categorized (On Sofpedia and myself ) as a Windows Utility.

Softpedia explains it, with a few screenshots, so I wont go into super detail, though the hotkey feature does this basically:

You record a macro ( and edit it later if you want, through notepad, its very simple 1-3 keywords per line)

And assign it to a hotkey on your keyboard. Hitting the hotkey will play it (with a loop option) until its done or the hotkey is pressed again. Multiple 'scripts' can be assigned under a file known as what i named a 'Project' work-space, and each script can be saved to your computer as well.


This is pretty much what a mmo mouse would do (A logitech mmo mouse for example) with its software.

So, here's the link

– Its 100% freeware.

– (specs: windows any version (though i made it during using 7 some time ago, and there does exist an annoying installer issue with windows 10 where the default instllation directory goes somewhere wierd, in a /user/something or other directory, rather than Program Files. ) and, does close at times ( I dont know why but I cannot look into it as I "Compelted the Project" and literally can't fix it because I deleted every back of the source-cde over-time (dont ask me please))

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Using automation in a lot of games for simple non abusive tasks – such as a game where you simply need to click something 5000 times to craft 5000 items, i realized this cannot be bannable, unless the game-masters of the game simply decide they want to ban you, as the input comes from your computer, and unlike 'bots', the code doesn't touch the game client. Coming from the computer as input would be the same as coming from your mouse or keyboard also. So, there it is.

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