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Man I just want a game like solo levelling the popular manhwa, that would be awesome ya know. Which the customisable jobs n stuff so the better players get the better classes and jobs. Like imagine there was 10 jobs(classes) you were able to acquire and they are mage, swordsman, tank, healer, necromancer, assassin, warrior, archer, a class that can create golems and beast tamer

Golem Artist – able to create golems (personalised and able to be modified/sculpted into what you want) and the strength of the golem depends on the level of crafting and intelligence you have. For example, (as I said before these are just the examples of the limitless characters and creatures you can craft)

Base Intelligence = level 1 golem (footsoldier, skeleton, goblin, dog and a storage golem.) +20 int and + 10 crafting = level 2 golems (sabre cats, large skeletons, large knights, horses and you get the point) +40 int and +20 crafting = anything smaller than a large rhino +50 int and +50 crafting (max) = large golems but no larger than a 3 story building.

Mage – again, a class reliant on intelligence. (Larger the intelligence = more powerful spells being cast at a consistent pace)

Fire spells (depending on levels) = (small flame thrower, flame arrows, flame cyclone, flame serpent, flame barrier, ember toss, etc) Frost spells = (frost wall, ice spikes, freeze ray, freeze trap, blizzard, etc) Wind spells = (wind blade, cyclone, Smog, wind barrier, etc) Life spells = (vine trap, leaf blades, root wall, root spikes, etc)

Swordsman is a class that requires a balanced agility, strength and vitality. Swordsman abilities = (slash, parry, sword dance, sword cyclone, double wield, etc)

The Tank is a Class that requires heavy vitality, strength and durability. The Tanks abilities = (absorb, counter, quick switch, block, parry, over power, crush and shield wall)

The healer is a class that focuses on intelligence and vitality (there abnormal levels of life energy are what makes them a healer, basically they give up small amounts of their life force to make up someone else. They also regenerate health 1.7x the normal rate)


Healers abilities = (heal, purge, surge of strength, regenerate, holy circle, etc)

The assassin is a class that heavily relies on agility and intelligence. Their skills are = (invisibility, slash, block, dual wield, double slash, paralyse, blade cyclone, etc)

The warrior is the kind of brutish, barbaric class that relies on strength and durability.

The warriors skills are = (slash, dual wield, blade cyclone, axe toss, over power, uppercut, crush, etc)

The Beast tamer relies on durability, vitality and intelligence to ensure that during the process of taming a creature they do not die.

+5 int = smaller creatures +10 int = small to small-medium creatures +15 int = small to medium-large creatures +20 int = small to small-large creatures +30 int = small to large +50 int (max) = small to colossal creatures (including mini bosses, excluding normal bosses)

And finally the necromancer, the hardest class to get with only 2% of the entire games population being able to achieve it. Relying on intelligence, agility, vitality and durability. The necromancer can only summon creatures that have been killed by the person themselves or by someone in their party.

+10 int = smaller souls +15 int = small to small-medium souls +20 int = small to medium-large souls +30 int = small to small-large souls +40 int = small to large souls +50 int = small to colossal souls (including mini bosses and event bosses, excluding normal bosses)

Forgot to mention the larger the creature doesn’t mean the larger the soul, the size of the soul (the potency) is the level required to defeat it. (colossal souls = mini bosses and event bosses = level 70+))

Thank you for reading. I would like to create a story for this but I want other people to imagine the story and create their own.

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