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Some thoughts from an older gamer in regards to the quality of games nowadays, gaming communities. Looking for discussion. What are your thoughts and wishes for the “future of gaming”?

Gamingtodaynews1e - Some thoughts from an older gamer in regards to the quality of games nowadays, gaming communities. Looking for discussion. What are your thoughts and wishes for the "future of gaming"?

gaming - Some thoughts from an older gamer in regards to the quality of games nowadays, gaming communities. Looking for discussion. What are your thoughts and wishes for the "future of gaming"?

r/gaming but people told me to post it here since it would fit better here>

I initially started this thread just covering the topic how games nowadays are no longer really "hop in hop out", but rather throw plenty of progression systems at you to artificially up the playtime and keep you engaged, while writing down my throughts, other thoughts popped up though. So just some heads up, this is merely a collection of thoughts rather than a fully flashed-out essay.

As for the "hop in hop out out" games:

…like, you know, games that you simply fire up because you 100% WANT to play them (like basically most of the games back then, even multiplayer or coop games like Counter Strike or Left4Dead), not because

  • you think "I should login because I get a reward" (TESO and other games with login-rewards) or

  • there are timegated activities (again TESO e.g. to level your horse)

  • "I should login to grind this weeks content in the battlepass so I get this maybe useful item ingame" (Division2, Destiny 2 etc) or

  • "I need to grind so I can get the loot that is hidden behind layers upon layers of RNG" (Division2, other looter games) or

  • games that implement "competitive" queues without really monitoring them so "competitive" then seems to be the go-to mode for most people and then just breed toxicity that doesn't seem to get monitored at all or

  • all the other little psychological tricks they use nowadays which we might or might not be aware of.

Don't get me wrong, I love gaming still but I feel like things have changed and that is not just because of me growing older:

The first game I played was the Pong console at the family TV, then some weird labyrinth game at my older brothers Atari, it was some kind of weird early 3D game but also a text adventure (as a side note: if anyone knows the name of that game I'd love to get some more infos here!), next step was Summer Gammers played on Datasette (yes, games could come on tapes back then), later Giana Sisters and Bubble Bobble on the C64 (among dozens of others thanks to my cousin copying them to floppy disks for me), then there was the Gameboy, albeit I'm not sure right now if I first had a gameboy or a C64, then Encarta 95 on the first family PC followed by Doom which my cousin again was the culprit of handing it over to me (it came on 20+ "hard disks" if I remember correctly). Around 1999 I did get involved with the CS community, around 2003 or 2004 I played my first MMORPG, Silkroad Online, it was magic.

Means: I'm a tad older, but I still love gaming anyways. I never was a huge movie buff and sports I rather do myself than watch them in TV unless it's some world championship finals or semi finals in soccer every 4 years.

I'm aware interests shift over the years, you lose interest in hobbies, gain interest in other hobbies, gaming has been around for me all my life though and while yes, I do spend a lot less time with gaming nowadays (which was one of the reasons for me to opt for Stadia instead of spending money on new PC hardware or a next gen console) I wonder so often if the "quality" of games has changed over the years or if I simply have "seen it all" by now so it's really hard to actually surprise me again.

On top of that: I ALWAYS have been way more of a multiplayer/ coop kind of player but my gaming habits shift more and more towards single player games over how toxic gaming and drama ridden multiplayer/ coop games seem to be nowadays.

…Clearly, the quality has improved in A LOT if you look at the graphics alone, also games have become A LOT more complex, the whole industry changed and gaming is no longer just a hobby for kids or nerds, it's a multi-billion industry for pretty much everyone.


I personally feel though that -again, while the quality did improve in a lot of regards- so many games nowadays rather try to keep you engaged by stupid psychological tricks instead of actual quality gameplay or quality gameplay loops and so many games nowadays simply are not "community based" anymore with all automated lobbies…

… and with all the anonymity, not only did actual communities disappear mostly, but at the same time, everything multiplayer or coop did become more and more toxic to a point where new players get kicked from "starting dungeons" for not "performing" good enough (there was a thread in here yesterday I think) or people taking games so serious they just keep insulting each and everyone around them (my experiences in Valorant) or simply sabotage their own team hard if they think the game cannot be won in the competitive queue for example.

I personally actually really loved Overwatch as a game, but I could not stand playing in the competitive queue which so often were so incredibly toxic in one way or another. …and with instant matchmaking, there most times is ZERO consequences for that kind of behavior. People literally can fuck it up for 11 other players, then just press a button and join a new game almost instantly.

I'm just not sure if it's the rose tinted glasses of nostalgia or that gaming, especially multiplayer/ coop gaming, was better "back then".

Be it games like CS1.6 where you would hang out with the whole server in TS and just have fun, no matter who won, who killed who and there was no stupid "competitive" systems other than the leagues you've joined if you wanted to play a bit more seriously.

Be it mmorpgs where "behaviour" and politics actually had some influence on the server, the guild you were with was your "home" and basically family since it was a lot less anonymous than it is nowadays. If I remember correctly in Silkroad you could have 50 players in a guild, in TESO nowadays you can be part of 5 guild and each of them have have 500 members if I'm not mistaken. Or how politics, treaties, unions were a thing back then in SRO.

I tried to get into teso, I ended up in guilds I never did actually get to know anyone over how many members were in there.

I wonder if gaming actually will keep going down that road or if we maybe will see a shift back to more community based games, maybe dedicated servers again people can rent, have control over and form communities around it (which then also could incredibly help with the toxicity).


  • Will we see maybe another MMORPG at some that actually is "good" and not just a f2p "cashgrab" in one way or another?

  • Will games that are being released actually be released again in a "ready to be played" state and not half baked barebones blueprints of actual games (Anthem, Avengers, both Divisions, FO76, NMS) or maybe not even run on the systems they get released on (CP77)?

  • Will gamers stop hyping themselves into oblivion and fall for marketing techniques and stop the mindless pre-ordering?

  • Can echo-chambers be contained (be it "console wars" or hate trains on games that are en vogue to hate on)?

  • Will we get games again that actually are AAA (as in not "just" some niche indie game) that actually can convince through their gameplay alone and not need FOMO or progression mechanics to keep people interested?

  • Are gamers even interested anymore in such games or is it really that people WANT those games that keep handing them "easy" rewards on a silver plate just for doing stuff like logging in or grinding some content during a timed event or simply for ending up "on the top" in some grindy game where the game/ content doesn't even see important anymore and all that matters is the loot, drops or position on some scoreboard?

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