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Some thoughts on my recent Nintendo merch purchase

Gamingtodaynews1b - Some thoughts on my recent Nintendo merch purchase

I think this is relevant to the sub – so I thought I’d give some views on my recent purchase of 35th anniversary products from Nintendo – I will try to keep it to bullet points

  • no way to change shipping address even on preorders. This is frustrating

  • Order missed ship date and came in 2 portions with no communication. Receiving the first order it seemed they had forgotten most of my order

  • I was sent the wrong item. I reported this immediately where they demanded I show them a photo. They then shipped the right item and relayed their expectation for me to return the wrong one (a cup) that they can’t possibly resell, in the middle of a pandemic, over the holidays with a crazy post office, in a place that’s tier 4 lockdown. I will be charged if I don’t get this back to them.

On to the actual merch

*The silver mario water bottle/ coffee thermos / whatever it is – very very cheaply made. Super lightweight with a lid that barely screws on. It’s something you buy in bulk off fast tech or brand to your company to give out in the thousands and probably cost them around $.15 per unit from China.

It’s bad.

*The coffee mug – almost as disappointing as the water bottle thing. I have had mugs made with logos and photographs that screened things. Nintendo purchased a bunch of white mugs and wrapped stickers around them. It’s a nice big mug but again we are talking $.15 per unit to “make”. Some of the mugs will no doubt not have the graphics straight. Really a rip off.


*The mario hoodie – this was the thing I thought would be the best. It’s more or less comfortable (not all that soft). They choose to place the pockets weirdly far outside / back. I can only thing this is a popular design in Japan/China as it’s certainly not a setup I’ve ever seen nor do I like it particularly. The graphics are screened and it’s going to have to be washed on low with no dry or hand washed. The materials seem ok but the durability looks bad. Definitely falls into the overpriced category like all branded merch. For comparison the Manchester United hoodies I just ordered are far nicer at about the same cost.

*The T-shirt’s I ordered – so ending on a relatively positive note the t shirts are about what was expected for the price. They’re soft and screened. Nothing bad to say really. Happy with these.

I will be returning the mug I think. It just doesn’t look good or like it will hold up. The water bottle thing was sent by accedent so that’s going back. The hoodie I’m undecided if I will keep. The shirts are fine.

TL;DR and summary

There are cash grabs and then there are cash grabs. Nintendo have mostly let their fans down big time with this stuff based on what I’ve seen. Their customer support is not good. The products which aren’t shirts are at the very bottom of what you get from a Chinese factory at prices greater than you’d expect even for branded stuff. They went too cheap looking at paper profits and didn’t consider how many people would be put off. Y this. I hope lost people return the crap products.

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