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Some Underrated Capcom Games That Need To Return

Gamingtodaynews1g - Some Underrated Capcom Games That Need To Return

So first off, yes, Dino Crisis should be revisited, but that's not what this thread is about, it's about more niche games that should get a second chance (be it through remaster to check interest, a remake, or another game in the series). Clearly Viewtiful Joe should be brought back too. Anyway I'm going to list games published by them too, it's just a theme, not really specifically to only capcom.

  1. Haunting Ground – This was a great horror game that had you going through environments resident evil style, except that it didn't have combat outside of unlockables (well at least combat that can gg enemies out of there), you had a dog companion (which was seemingly what the dog in resi 4 is referencing) that could help you detect a certain boss (there were 4 enemies who each had a segment where they stalked you), the dog could also do stuff like bite the enemy to stun them so that you could get away, and also the dog could do some sick parkour and flips to help you with puzzles. Great game, put 3 months after resident evil 4 and was buried. It's goes over some dark themes like rape (in a pretty tasteful way as far as it being depicted as horrible and not a joke or anything), while also just having an interesting assortment of bosses (plus a few enemies really who were there to get into your way), bosses could pop up anywhere and although 2 of them were quite challenging, it wasn't ever impossible. Also had some nice "sexy" costumes as unlockables. Overall a good resi style game without the combat, but with the dog mechanic, and one of the prettiest ps2 games around.
  2. Beat Down: Fists of Vengeance – 3d Beat em up that was clearly trying to go the yakuza route, but did it with such ignorance for the western world at the time that it was comical. A bunch of wacky yet simple characters going after each other and going full fashion. Overall I think this game should get a new game over a remaster cuz there is a few issues, or a reboot potentially, but make it just as out of touch (without making it over the top) as the classic, still have it be beat em up 3d, along with being based on the same time period of hip hop and gang culture. Acool aspect is that bosses were fought as 2d fighters while regular mobs were fought as 3d beat em up action.
  3. Breath of Fire – Honestly just a great jrpg that was popular for a pretty decent amount of time till some weird choices like not bringing some games to the west, ultimately if capcom want to get back into jrpg, this is their way in. Also they should probably bring over a remaster collection of the series. Enough of the ios Breath of Fire, bring it back to modern consoles.
  4. Darkstalkers – A decent fighter that has an assortment of cool characters, pretty sure at least one of the characters played a part in marvel vs capcom infinite
  5. Darkwatch – Unique shooter that has you making decisions in a very infamous way (good or evil), to get certain power ups. Supernatural in nature, you fight a bunch of supernatural being with a very old west style gun, including a vampire. You can do stuff like dismember enemies and it's full of artistry. Tt does a lot more too though ,like becoming a 3rd person shooter as you ride a horse (normally it's first person shooter). I think that this game could have some promise with the resurgence of games like doom, shadow warrior, wolfenstein, etc etc. More cowboy vampire please. High Moon Studios made this one (who made advanced warfare and is now owned by activision, but they aren't irreplaceable (unless they own the ip and not the publisher capcom)
  6. Deep Down (it's time bois, bring it back papa capcom)
  7. EX Troopers – Lost Planet, but over the top manga/anime style.
  8. Lost Planet – Do it guis (like 1 and 2, not 3)
  9. Glass Rose – Time traveling murder mystery that had some flaws, but could be improved upon and did some interesting things (like picking out specific words or phrases people say to push them on those things.
  11. Gregory Horror Show – Charming horror puzzle game where you have to do unique stuff for each inhabitant of the hotel, to get their souls for death, so that you can escape, meanwhile trying to stop the guests from getting their souls back by stealth and hiding.
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Out of these, I'd like to see Haunting Ground, EX Troopers, Glass Rose (if it's improved, so maybe a capcom leveled remake), and Gregory Horror Show the most tbh. (not counting deep down and jojo cuz those are jokes)

Are there any capcom games you'd like to see make a return outside of the obvious dino crisis and viewtiful joe. Maybe godhand or something?

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