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Some words why i love Lineage 2 (been playing it for 15 years)

Gamingtodaynews1g - Some words why i love Lineage 2 (been playing it for 15 years)

I suggest you to try Lineage 2, but not official, just some russian pirate server which is more popular than official. You know every monster, every drop from them with a chance of 1/10000 newbie loot and 1/100000 for a mid game loot) you know every spot and position of mobs, so much variations. Which mobs are mages, ranged or tanky, or which mob is having resist to which type of damage.

The best gear for level 20-40 costs near 1,5 millions and mobs drop only 300-400 gold, and you need to spent near 100-150 gold on each mob for soulshots to farm them quickly.

With your progress your skills do a little more damage and you can spent 3 evening 5 hour each just to get from very low level weapon to just a low weapon, and now after 15 hours of gaming you can kill monster with 2 hits, not 3, each hit will cost you 100 gold (soulshots) so from the monster that drop 500 gold you now spent 200 gold on soulshots and get 300 gold from him.

I have never had any experience with killing mobs like in Lineage 2, which is literally art of farming. I have tried tons of combinations with different characters (in lineage 2 you create a few characters for buff) so for mage you need to create from 1 to 5 characters and level up them too, so its time consuming and before you start to play on a lineage 2 server you kinda make a plan, how much characters you want to create, what type of farming strategy you want to pick.

Just for example you can go with spear (meelee conus damage) and there are actually few classes that have spear passive that you can use, each class has its own uniqueness and requier different combinations of group you create. Or you can start with mage, who have huge damage to solo targets with x5 hp and if you are bored with that, you can switch to 1/2 mons which goes in groups and you can farm them with AOE skills.


Lineage 2 is an art of grinding mobs at its finest, i know near 25 locations, more then 300 mobs, what items drop from them in which quantity because i spent countless hours on killing each of them. And btw resources from mobs does really have value and price, since there is no other way to get items in Lineage 2, only farm mobs. There is no gathering or farming on a farm alternatives. And there is no dungeons in lineage 2, all the “dungeons” are always filled with people, so you compete with them, you can be impudent and try to steal some mobs from other people and there are always pvp or pk on farming spots which is really cool. Choosing right farm spot for your farm setup is needed strategy for a long run.

And btw there is not a lot of “appearance chaning items” no wings, clumsy non-fantasy dresses – some servers have this option, but if you will be this person who is going to wear them – all other people will laugh at you. In lineage 2 you know every item and every set, since you can play in low tier armor for few weeks until you change your gear for the next grade which will slightly increase your Pdef and will give you a little stats. You know every gear and if you will see some person in a really cool one – everyone near him will notice this too, some people will even start to ask him questions like: “what are you farming, what kind of locations, what setup for a group and how much you get gold or exp per hour”

Lineage 2 is really masterpiece on farming strategy with an open world where in dungeons you will be interrupted from farming by other groups that will try you out to know if they can kick you from spot. I remember multiple times when me and my friend farm on a really cool spot and there are another duo that we fight and won 2 out of 3 times (you actually lose xp and time from dying) so it was few hours just pvp die – go to village – buff – come back and try to kill again. And chances are even, if you did not kill someone in 2-3 tries, you try another strategy which will work on 4th or 5th try.

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