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Something Needs to change at r/Nintendo’s Discord Server

Gamingtodaynews1g - Something Needs to change at r/Nintendo's Discord Server

The official Discord server for r/Nintendo has some problems. Most of these problems stem from the server's owner, Xette. People are banned daily for unfair reasons. The rule of "No discussing moderation or you will be banned" is idiotic. Words like the f-word are ok, but the word muted is blacklisted. No list of blacklisted rules is available, seemingly because there is no definitive list. Yet, the comment muted gets deleted and warned, meaning that there is a list.

The rules are unfair. Specifically, "Server staff maintains full discretion in enforcing these rules. All moderation correspondence will transpire via direct message. Bringing moderation discussions into general server channels will result in a warning or ban." This part of the rules is just suppressing people from opposing the moderator's decisions. If no one is allowed to discuss the mods' actions, this means that they can do whatever they want, and anyone who opposes gets banned. Xette has banned various people for unreasonably ignorant reasons. Whether it be saying the word "muted" or "planning a raid on another server." (Note: No proof was ever provided for the raid case.)


Another problem is the fact that Xette does all the moderation. There are currently five moderators and two admins. Only two of the moderators are kind-of active, and rarely actually moderate. The other mods and admin are never involved. They may moderate behind the scenes, but it has never been seen in public spaces. Multiple people have been asked about this, and they all said that they've only seen Xette moderate. Meaning that Xette can do whatever she wants on her decisions only, and no one checks her or discusses her choices. The mods should try and be more active and moderate more, or Xette should hire new moderators.

We're tired of having to walk on eggshells. Not knowing if we will get banned from a community we love the next sentence we write. Not knowing what words are banned and which words aren't banned, meaning we can't correctly take precautions and not say blacklisted words. Not being allowed to discuss whether someone's punishment was unfair or not, because we will be banned if we do. Too many people get banned per day for stupid reasons. Something needs to change. We should have a community where we can feel safe to talk and have fun. We're not saying that the rules can not be enforced, or that Xette doesn't know what she's doing. But she needs to be a better server owner, no, a better Community Owner. Hopefully, changes will be made in the future to make the community better.

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