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Sonic Lost World for the 3DS actually follows up on its premise and is surprisingly great!

Gamingtodaynews1g - Sonic Lost World for the 3DS actually follows up on its premise and is surprisingly great!

The WiiU version of Sonic Lost World (which I'll refer to as SLWU) was an absolute disappointment for many reasons — my main gripe with it is that it's premise is very fitting for sonic: Parkour mechanics complement his speed and platforming mechanics greatly and planetoid levels fix one of the biggest problems with designing levels for 3D Sonic while also giving it a greater deal of depth (in theory, at least).

You see, when it comes to designing levels for 3D Sonic, compromises need to happen. Due to his high speed, Sonic necessitates a lot of land for his level, which means either the level design needs to have a lot of invisible walls or a lot of bottomless pits (like Sonic Adventure/Heroes). However, a cylindrical/tubular levels bypass this restriction due to their own design — as a matter of fact, their very tubular design creates more opportunities for interesting intersections in the level design itself.

Unfortunately, SLWU outright doesn't use any of these mechanics to its advantage. You get a sliver of platforming, maybe some interesting moments for parkour, then BAM! Here's some automated bounce pads, a boring 2D section, wisps, or a brand new mechanic like controlling a snowball and it all outright stops you from interacting with what's supposed to be the main meat of the game.


Fortunately however, Sonic Lost World for the 3DS (SLW3DS) goes the complete other direction and ups the ante all the way up to 12! Seriously, it gives humongous levels with a lot of 3D platforming and parkouring, but more interestingly, it also has s number of gimmicky sections where you use a wisp or change control styles, or play in 2D BUT they're still fun (although nothing beats 3D platforming let's face it). And I think the reason why is because of the aforementioned upping the anti that SLW3DS implements. The game's tough! It's 3D platforming quickly becomes a gauntlet of an obstacle course that you have jump, dash, spindash, and parkour through and it is very satisfying to get through. And this also applies to it's gimmicky sections too — whether it was jumping through gauntlets of snowball puzzles while you get chased by another snowball yourself, or riding a rocket while a dragon shoots fireballs in your direction, or just some great 2D platforming and parkouring. Even the pity-power ups are so much better! For the uninitiated, SLWU would give you this "power up" if you die a number of times at a checkpoint that outwrite skips the part you're at, meanwhile SLW3DS gives you one of 3 actual powerups that actually help you get through the part: wither a golden Omacho who collects rings for you, a golden jet that shoots down enemies in the vicinity, or a golden UFO that makes you float rather than fall for better air maneuverability. It's all well designed and a damn challenge and that allows it to be very entertaining.

The game is very fun and entertaining and it scratched that itched that SLWU started but never got close to following through on and I'll always respect SLW3DS for just how dedicated it took its level designs and challenges.

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