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Spellbreak is a cool game, and probably the only Battle Royale I’ll see myself playing from here on

Gamingtodaynews1g - Spellbreak is a cool game, and probably the only Battle Royale I'll see myself playing from here on

Battle Royales… Yuck, in my personal opinion. Oversaturated and overhyped genre. I respect what games like Apex and Hyperscape have tried to do giving this genre a little more depth.

Spellbreak dropped a couple days ago. If you haven't heard about it, it's essentially a BR with magic gauntlets instead of guns. Seemed a little superficial at first, but I started to dive into some of the YouTube guides and Jesus this game has a lot of depth.

I started with the wind gauntlet, and you can find a second gauntlet through chests on the map. Each gauntlet comes with unique attacks, and different gauntlets can synergize. For example, the wind gauntlet's secondary spell creates a tornado that pulls in projectiles and players. Not only that, you can use it to boost yourself into the air – a big part of playing with the wind gauntlet is staying on top of the enemy as much as possible.

Say you have the fire gauntlet as a secondary. Once the tornado pulls players in, you can use the fire gauntlet's primary spell on the tornado to turn it into a flaming whirlwind that causes damage and pulls players in. The toxic gauntlet has a similar effect. This is just one example of how the spells on different gauntlets synergize and complement each other, and there is even more levels of synergy when you consider that your squadmates can play off of your spells as well, dousing walls of fire with the ice gauntlet to protect the team or using the fire gauntlet to explode your toxic cloud for AoE damage. There's lots of combinations here.


The fights are intense, and sometimes long-lasting. The first thing you need to do is assess which gauntlets your opponents are using, because you need to learn what spells they're going to use and how you're going to counter them. If they're rolling ice, whose primary attack is an icicle bow that can essentially snipe, you'll want to get in close to disorient them, but beware their second gauntlet as well. Many players search for a second gauntlet to complement the strengths and weaknesses of their first.

Overall, there's just a surprising amount of depth to the combat in this game. There are also runes, which are basically a special ability you can use regardless of gauntlet type, and there are also three enhancement slots that you unlock to further tweak your playstyle, which are activated in-game by collecting scrolls. By leveling up my wind gauntlet to level 6, I unlocked an enhancement that allowed me to carry an extra rune and gauntlet in my inventory, in case I wanted to switch out.

Despite this depth, the game is really beginner friendly. I found the loot system easy and enjoyable, even more simplistic than Fortnite's. Duos and solos are currently locked, so everyone has to play squads, just because the game's servers are trying to handle the influx of players for the release.

Even if you're not a BR fan, I highly recommend this game just for the spell-slinging action and the amount of pure strategy it takes to win. Good game.

EDIT: If you wanna see some gameplay and get a sense of each gauntlet's role, check this video out:

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