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stop supporting kickstarter MMOs

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seeing this exact post recently really motivated me to post this:

On 1st of March a Phoenix Initiative email was send out to everyone that is part of PI. However this email contained all emails, so they weren't hidden to other users. Meaning there is now a public list of PI member emails which often contain firstname and surname.

Crowdfunded MMOs were never successful. I don't care if they're industry veterans or not, there's a difference between a properly funded and structured studio and a shitty crowdfunded campaign.

Crowdfunded MMOs are a cashgrab.

The cashgrab starts at the crowdfunding part, where they milk as much money as possible by promising the most impossible features.

Then, they start delivering a shitty game. But oh no, it's so shitty no one can see any potential in it. What do you do? You call that Early Access, Beta, Alpha, "testing", whatever. You know that your game is never going to get out of that phase because you already got the money and all you're doing is milking more.

I don't see why there's more stigma against asian MMORPGs when these "epic" western crowdfunded MMORPGs that are totally going to "kill WoW" or "restore the classical nostalgia" are just shitty games with no potential and a cashgrab.

Do you seriously think Star Citizen, Ashes of Creation, Camelot: Unchained, Chronicles of Elyria, or Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen are actually going somewhere? Stop whiteknighting MMORPGs just because they're crowdfunded.

Sure, Crowfall seems to be doing something, so is Albion Online, are indeed exceptions. In general however, when you support a crowdfunded MMO, you're supporting something that's following the kickstarter cashgrab formula.


Crowdfunded does not equate with ethical, neither with quality. Usually, it's quite the opposite.

Please actually research the games and developers before paying $5k in KS. Also, look at the features they promise. A lot of them seem to be self-contradictive WoW-killer "cater to every audience"-esque features, which usually fail. See if the game is seeking to achieve a realistic, single goal, rather than try to promise everything(which's usually unrealistic).

Since whiteknights of the games I criticized are literally downvoting every sensible reply I input, let me get this clear:

I'm not baselessly calling your games that you invested over $1k in a scam/cashgrab, I'm doing it for a reason. Let's cover Pantheon first. I think this post sums it up pretty well (
do not invest in pantheon - stop supporting kickstarter MMOs For Ashes of Creation, it's so obvious it's undeniable, Steven's previous project was a scam shut down by the FDA ( For Camelot Unchained, I'd like to say that it's attempting to support HUNDREDS of players battling at the same place. Guess what engine they're using to do this? Unity. Chronices of Elyria is game that looked like shit and promised shitty features from the start, that I see no future to, in case you want to see people's experiences with CoE's moderation, I'd recommend you go here( Do you seriously want to keep whiteknighting these games?

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